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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988The concept of serving in the New TestamentEbejer, Mariella (1988)
1997Edel Quinn : a way to holinessDebono, Carmel (1997)
2007Exorcisms as a theme in Mark's gospelCassar, Victor (2007)
1991Female figures in the gospel of JohnCilia, Grace (1991)
1978Ġużè Muscat Azzopardi: Traduttur tal-Vanġelu u l-Atti ta' l-AppostliSant, Karm
2013The imagery of friendship in the Gospel of JohnSchembri, George (2013)
2007The importance of the passion narratives in the synoptic gospelsShwe, Ma Assumpta (2007)
2005John 17 as a source for a spirituality of communionZammit, Carmel (2005)
1958L-Evangelju ta' San MattewMizzi, Fortunat
1991Mary and her role in the IVth Gospel : structure and meaning of John 2,1-11; 19,25-27)Caruana, Charles (1991)
1997Mary in Jesus' public ministry according to LukePirotta, John (1997)
1983Mary the new woman : in the Gospel of St. JohnBusuttil, Helen (1983)
1996Meals as type-scenes in the third gospelOkorie, A. M.
1937-03Mikiel Anton VassalliC., A.
1977The originality of the Eight BeatitudesSammut-Smith, Phyllis (1977)
2003The parables in the Synoptic Gospels as the pedagogical tool of JesusFarrugia, Romina (2003)
2002The parables of Jesus in the Gospel of St. MarkRapinett, Pierre (2002)
1974The psychology of Jesus : his identity in the GospelsGrech, Carmen (1974)
2005The role and function of women characters in the fourth GospelMicallef, Annunziata (2005); Micallef, Philip (2005)
1998The role of the spirit in the fourth GospelZammit, Vincent (1998)