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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018AlkylVM : a virtual machine for smart contract blockchain connected internet of thingsEllul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2018Analysis of the cryptocurrencies market, and the sudden riseVella, Shaun
2019Analytics of patient flow patterns in a healthcare ecosystem : a blockchain approachAbela, Stephen
2020Applications of blockchain technology and the implied notion of trustGalea, Michaela (2020)
2017Blockchain & healthcare : will there be offspring?Ellul, Ian C.
2017Blockchain : brave new worldEllul, Ian C.
2018Blockchain : not just bitcoinDrago, Aldo
2020Blockchain and smart contracts in the recording industryNeysen, Nicolas
2019Blockchain technologies in healthcare institutions : focus on security and effective cooperation with the governmentPrzhedetskiy, Yu. V.; Przhedetskaya, Nataliya Vitovna; Borzenko, K. V.; Bondarenko, Viktoria Andreevna
2020Blockchain-based traceability of the wine supply chainCamilleri, Gabriel (2020)
2017The challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the ambit of gaming lawPortelli Bonnici, Emma
2017E-voting system using blockchain technologySchembri, Dylan
2019Elimination of travel reservation fraud using the Ethereum blockchainMifsud, Daniela
2020FinTech, blockchain and Islamic finance : an extensive literature reviewRabbani, Mustafa Raza; Khan, Shahnawaz; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2019An investigation of simulating blockchain networks : an abstract approachBarthet, Matthew
2019Mapping blockchain applications : a typology for digital marketingSchembri, Mikhail
2019Reducing medical certificate and prescription abuse using the Ethereum blockchainAttard, Luke
2019Responding to Ethereum web-application attacksSciberras, Franklyn Josef
2019Scrutinizing the role of the Virtual Financial Assets Agent within the block-chain worldGrech, Matthias
2019-10This time is different : Facebook’s Libra can improve both financial inclusion and global financial stability as a viable alternative currency to the U.S. DollarTaskinsoy, John