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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018AlkylVM : a virtual machine for smart contract blockchain connected internet of thingsEllul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2018Analysis of the cryptocurrencies market, and the sudden riseVella, Shaun
2019Analytics of patient flow patterns in a healthcare ecosystem : a blockchain approachAbela, Stephen
2021Application of boosting algorithms for anti money laundering in cryptocurrencies : towards healthier cryptocurrency networksVassallo, Dylan (2021)
2020Applications of blockchain technology and the implied notion of trustGalea, Michaela (2020)
2017Blockchain & healthcare : will there be offspring?Ellul, Ian C.
2017Blockchain : brave new worldEllul, Ian C.
2018Blockchain : not just bitcoinDrago, Aldo
2020Blockchain and smart contracts in the recording industryNeysen, Nicolas
2020Blockchain technologies and social media : a snapshotPfeiffer, Alexander; Kriglstein, Simone; Wernbacher, Thomas; Bezzina, Stephen
2020Blockchain technologies for the validation, verification, authentication and storing of students' dataPfeiffer, Alexander; Bezzina, Stephen; Wernbacher, Thomas; Kriglstein, Simone
2019Blockchain technologies in healthcare institutions : focus on security and effective cooperation with the governmentPrzhedetskiy, Yu. V.; Przhedetskaya, Nataliya Vitovna; Borzenko, K. V.; Bondarenko, Viktoria Andreevna
2020Blockchain-based DLTs and articles 16 and 17 of the GDPR : a studyDebono, Joseph (2020)
2020Blockchain-based traceability of the wine supply chainCamilleri, Gabriel (2020)
2020Blockchains and the credit underwriting process in the banking sectorMattedi, Carla Luciana (2020)
2017The challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the ambit of gaming lawPortelli Bonnici, Emma
2022Complexity analysis and forecasting of variations in cryptocurrency trading volume with support vector regression tuned by Bayesian optimization under different kernels : an empirical comparison from a large datasetLahmiri, Salim; Bekiros, Stelios; Bezzina, Frank
2021Current legislative infrastructure relating to maritime technical advancements : an analysis of legal and market considerationsDarmanin, Jodie Maria (2021)
2021Decentralised finance : analysis of governance and regulatory implicationsZhaber, Amer (2021)
2021Digital storytelling as an opportunity for non-profit organizations : implementing storytelling on social media for charityMang, Simone; Pfeiffer, Alexander; Bezzina, Stephen