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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1962The action of "Penbritin" on Brucella micro-organismAgius, Emanuel; Mifsud, Joseph
1960-02Bacteraemia in human brucellosisGanado, Walter; Bannister, William
2018Brucellosis control in Malta and Serbia : a one health evaluationButtigieg, Sandra C.; Savic, Sara; Cauchi, Daniel; Lautier, Elaine Claire; Canali, Massimo; Aragrande, Maurizio
1958-12Brucellosis myelopathyGanado, Walter; Craig, Alfred John
1964-05Brucellosis simulating acute anterior poliomyelitisDebono, Joseph E.
1962A comparative study of the action of demethylchlortetracycline and of tetracycline hydrochloride on Brucella MelitensisAgius, Emanuel
1992The corps disease : Brucellosis and its historical association with the Royal Army Medical CorpsVassallo, David J.
2011David Bruce (1855–1931) : discoverer of brucellosisTan, S.Y.; Davis, C.
2000Dr G. Caruana Scicluna, the first Maltese microbiologistWyatt, H. V.
1974The era of reformCantlie, Neil
1962Further comparative studies of the action of demethylchlortetracycline and of tetracyclyne hydrochloride on brucella melitensis and on salmonella typhiAgius, Emanuel
2001Historical aspects of brucellosisMonir Madkour, M.
2005How Themistocles Zammit found Malta Fever (brucellosis) to be transmitted by the milk of goatsWyatt, H.V.
1965-12Human Brucellosis : some clinical observationsGanado, Walter
2016Il-Fgura fl-imghoddiEllul, Keziah
1994Il-halib f'Hal TarxienBonnici Cali, Rafel
2011L-Onor.Prof.Sir Themistocles (Temi) Zammit) u t-tempji ta' Ħaġar Qim u l-ImnajdraFormosa, Martin
1957Practical aspects of clinical bacteriologyAgius, E.
1980Sir Temi Zammit's laboratoryMoran, Vincent; Cassar, Paul
1971Some aspects of brucellosisAgius, Emmanuel; Pepper, Rosemary