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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Application of Young's buckling equation to design against torsional bucklingChapman, J. C.; Buhagiar, Spiridione
1997The axial capacity of thin-walled cold-formed open sections prone to distortional bucklingVassallo, David (1997)
2020Buckling of steel flanged cruciform columns under axial loadingSapiano, John (2020)
2009Comparison between different approaches for the evaluation of the hot spot structural stress in welded pressure vessel componentsMuscat, Martin; Degiorgio, Kevin; Wood, James
2013Comparison between different design approaches to prevent buckling of torispherical heads under internal pressureMuscat, Martin; Camilleri, Duncan
2012Comparison between different design approaches to prevent buckling of torispherical heads under internal pressureMuscat, Martin; Camilleri, Duncan
2016Design and construction of a small multi-bladed wind turbine for the suburban and rural environmentsMuscat, Martin; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.; Caruana, Cedric; Axisa, Redeemer
2008Design by analysis of ductile failure and buckling in torispherical pressure vessel headsMacKenzie, Donald; Camilleri, Duncan; Hamilton, Robert
2020Development and performance testing of a small, multi-bladed wind turbineSant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.; Muscat, Martin; Caruana, Cedric; Axisa, Redeemer; Borg, Albert; Cassar, Cecille M.; Cassar, Josianne; Cordina, Christian; Farrugia, Adrian; Schembri, Steven
1999The effects of imposing initial imperfections on a thin-walled cold-formed channel sectionYeomans, Keith (1999)
2021Elastic critical buckling of steel flanged cruciform columns subject to uniform end momentXuereb, Roberta (2021)
2006Exploring methods of stiffening joints involving steel hollow sectionsDegiorgio, Matthew (2006)
2006Gross plastic deformation of axisymmetric pressure vessel headsCamilleri, Duncan; Hamilton, Robert; MacKenzie, Donald
2009-09On the effect of the Poisson's ratio (positive and negative) on the stability of pressure vessel headsEllul, Brian; Muscat, Martin; Grima, Joseph N.
2017Pre-stressing compressive members via pressurized liquidsBorg, Gabriel (2017)
2008Response of buckling restrained braces to catastrophic seismic eventsD’Aniello, Mario; Della Corte, Gaetano; Mazzolani, Federico M.
2008Rotation capacity vs demand of steel beams under catastrophic eventsLandolfo, Raffaele; Piluso, V.; Brescia, M.; D'Aniello, M.; Mammana, O.; Tortorelli, S.
2017Structural assessment of a lattice tower for a small, multi-bladed wind turbineAxisa, Redeemer; Muscat, Martin; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.
2016A study in interactive buckling of a doubly lipped cold-formed channel sectionBonello, Daniel (2016)
2011Ultimate state design of a deep water offshore wind turbine support structure for the central Mediterranean regionGauci, Thomas; Muscat, Martin; Sant, Tonio; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Camlllierl, Duncan