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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Architectural integrationBuhagiar, Vincent; Norvaisiene, Rosita; Djukic, A.
2020Assessment of building energy modelling studies to meet the requirements of the new Energy Performance of Buildings DirectiveGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Cellura, Maurizio; Camilleri, Liberato; Guarino, Francesco
2017An assessment of glazing systems suitable for the Mediterranean climateMagri, Etienne; Buhagiar, Vincent; Borg, Simon Paul
2012Atlas of suburban building stockdi Giulio, Roberto; Buhagiar, Vincent; Wedebrunn, Ola
2015Building physicsBuhagiar, Vincent; Norvaisiene, Rosita; Djukic, A.
2015COST Action TU1205 (BISTS) : building integration of solar thermal systems : overview of bits state of the art, models and applicationsLeindecker, Gerald; Belis, Jan; Georgiev, Aleksandar; Xydis, George; Christofari, Christian; Notton, Gilles; Tripanagnostopoulos, Yiannis; Capeluto, Guedi; Shiff, Galit; Palombo, Adolfo; Fedrizzi, Roberto; Norvaisiene, Rosita; Borg, Simon Paul; Buhagiar, Vincent; Wansdronk, Rene; Chwieduk, Dorota; Fitowski, Mariusz; Ramos, Joao; Almeida, Manuela; Bojic, Milorad; Kilic, Muhsin; Ford, Andy
2016Cost and value of refurbishment : retrofitting social housing for low energy affordable comfortBuhagiar, Vincent; Zarb, Justin
2010Design of a passive hotel in Rzeszow, PolandBertrand, Olivier; Rybka, Adam
2015Design of a shallow ground geothermal heat pump system for space conditioning of buildingsGalea, Daniela
2010Dimensions of the sustainability and optimal values of the indicators for building of housesSamaniego Angulo, Cristina
2018The effectiveness of vernacular stack ventilation with application in modern and retrofitted buildingsSchembri, Maurizio; Micallef, Daniel
2010Ground cooling and heating potential in a Mediterranean climate : an evaluation of temperature extremes in MaltaBuhagiar, Vincent; Tabone, Cornelia; Sant, Tonio
2012Ground source heat pumps : potential applications & limitations in MaltaBorg, Daniel; Buhagiar, Vincent
2018An innovative approach to manage uncertainties and stock diversity in the EPBD cost-optimal methodologyGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Cellura, Maurizio; Camilleri, Liberato
2010Low-energy buildings on mainstream market terms : a study of a municipal translation processQuitzau, Maj-Britt; Hoffmann, Birgitte; Elle, Morten; Jensen, Jens Stissing
2009MaltaBuhagiar, Vincent
2010Manual for improving the energy performance of existing buildings using timber and derived timber productsHoppe, Michaela
2018A microclimate study of a free-running historic building through computational fluid dynamicsBianco, Andrea; Buhagiar, Vincent; Micallef, Daniel
2018Modelling the long-term effect of climate change on a zero energy and carbon dioxide building through energy efficiency and renewablesRey Hernandez, Javier M.; Yousif, Charles; Gatt, Damien; Velasco Gomez, Eloy; San Jose, Julio; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2018A parametric building energy simulation case study on the potential and limitations of passive design in the Mediterranean climate of MaltaManz, Heinrich; Micallef, Daniel; Borg, Simon Paul; Buhagiar, Vincent