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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of the determinants of innovation in the 21st centuryJalowiec, Tomasz; Masloch, Piotr; Wojtaszek, Henryk; Miciula, Ireneusz; Masloch, Grzegorz
2015-06-04The business case for corporate social responsibilityCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Menzel Baker, Stacey; Mason, Marlys
2009Competitiveness, diversification and the international higher education cash flow : EU’s higher education discourse amidst the challenges of globalisationMayo, Peter
2016The conceptual developments of the corporate social responsibility notionCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2017Corporate sustainability and responsibility : creating value for business, society and the environmentCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2018-08-04A cost-benefit analysis of ISO26000 : the standard on social responsibilityCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Idowu, Samuel O.; Sitnikov, C.; Moratis, L.
2012-11-14Creating shared value through strategic corporate social responsibilityCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Duysters, Geert; Hoyos, Arnoldo de; Kaminishi, Ken
2016Emotional intelligence and effective leadership : considerations of managers in the Maltese business societyGatt, Marisa
2011The external audit planning process in a Maltese medium-sized audit firm : a case studyBartolo, Kris
2018The integrated reporting of financial, social and sustainability capitals : a critical review and appraisalCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2012L-industrija tax-xemgħa f'beltnaCiantar, Ernest
2018Measuring the corporate managers’ attitudes towards ISO’s social responsibility standardCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2013-03A new business model for UniversityDuca, Edward
2014Online and offline distribution of tickets to Events Business PlanTamkutonyte, Jolita
2019An overview of the legal mechanisms adopted to combat transnational organised crime in the ambit of global trade governanceMasini, Joseph
2017The rationale for responsible supply chain management and stakeholder engagementCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Robinson, Simon
2012Recent trends in the strategic role of the Maltese Internal Audit : an assessmentCosta, Dawn
2016Responsible corporate governance in EuropeCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Aluchna, Maria; Idowu, Samuel O.
2014-06-06Unlocking shared value through strategic social marketingCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Miller, Elizabeth; Milne, George; Iyer, Easwar
2016Using big data for customer centric marketingCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Evans, Chris