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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Accuracy of intermittent demand forecasting systems in the enterpriseDoszyn, Mariusz
1989Analysis of the administrative organizational structure of a local firm : how far can its values be related to the administration of a schoolCaruana Smith, Tony (1989)
2008A BPEL workflow engine based on long lived transactions and WS-business activityBorg, Bryan (2008)
2014-03The bright side of lifeDalli, Angelo
2017-01-15A conceptual framework for corporate sustainability and responsibilityCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2022Crowdfunding small businesses and startups: A systematic review, an appraisal of theoretical insights and future research directionsCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Bresciani, Stefano
2021Disputes over the definition of the concept of "an enterprise"Boehlke, Jerzy; Tomanek, Mateusz
1991Dissolution and winding up of limited liability companiesDepasquale, Herman (1991)
1996Dowty 'O' Rings International, Malta : a new strategy for a changing environmentCaruana, Albert
1998The effect of centralization and formalization on entrepreneurship in export firmsCaruana, Albert; Morris, Michael H.; Vella, Anthony J.
1995-01Effect of service characteristics on marketingCaruana, Albert
2022The effects of intuition and analysis on high-tech opportunity exploitation decisions.Baldacchino, Leonie; Boffa, Nadia
1996-04-28Encouraging entrepreneurship (Part 1)Caruana, Albert; Vella, Anthony J.
1996-05-05Encouraging entrepreneurship (Part 2)Caruana, Albert; Vella, Anthony J.
2020Ensuring the growth of enterprises and organizations through the motivation of managerial staffKhytrova, O. A.; Sysoieva, I. M.; Dolha, H. V.; Peniuk, V. O.; Motuzenko, O. V.
2017Enterprise development factors’ controlPavlenkov, Mikhail Nikolaevich; Larionov, Valeryi Glebovich; Voronin, Pavel Mikhaylovich; Pavlenkov, Ivan Mikhaylovich
2019Entrepreneurship as an area of knowledge : literature reviewQuintero, Alexander; Andrade, Juan M.; Ramirez, Elias
1994Excellence, market orientation, some aspects of service quality and their effect on performance in service companies : propositions and a modelCaruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.
2017Exploring how employee interpersonal relations affect individual creativitySchembri, Ruth
2022Fashionably late : a study on how the timing of a company’s entry into a market has a material impact on its performanceBorg, Jacob (2022)