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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-12The acceptance of learning management systems and video conferencing technologies : lessons learned from COVID-19Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Camilleri, Adriana Caterina
2021Age specific associations between underlying health conditions and hospitalisation, death and in-hospital death among confirmed COVID-19 cases : a multi-country study based on surveillance dataFunk, Tjede; Innocenti, Francesco; Gomes Dias, Joana; Nerlander, Lina; Melillo, Tanya; Gauci, Charmaine; Melillo, Jackie M.; Lenz, Patrik; Sebestova, Helena; Slezak, Pavel; Vlckova, Iva; Dag Berild, Jacob; Mauroy, Camilla; Seppälä, Elina; Tønnessen, Ragnhild; Mossong, Joël; Masi, Silvana; Huiart, Laetitia; Cullen, Gillian; Murphy, Niamh; O’Connor, Lois; Donnell, Joan O.; Mook, Piers; Pebody, Richard G.; Bundle, Nick
2022Augmented reality for teaching anatomyZammit, Christian; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Azzopardi, Ernest
2022Avoiding OmegaAttard Montalto, Simon
2021Balancing restrictions and access to maternity care for women and birthing partners during the COVID-19 pandemic : a commentaryLalor, Joan G.; Ayers, Susan; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Downe, Soo; Gouni, Olga; Hartmann, Katharina; Nieuwenhuijze, Marianne; Oosterman, Mirjam; Turner, Jonathan; Karlsdottir, Sigfridur Inga; Horsch, Antje
2022The benefits, costs and feasibility of a low incidence COVID-19 strategyCzypionka, Thomas; Iftekhar, Emil Nafis; Prainsack, Barbara; Priesemann, Viola; Bauer, Simon; Calero Valdez, André; Cuschieri, Sarah; Glaab, Enrico; Grill, Eva; Krutzinna, Jenny; Lionis, Christos; Machado, Helena; Martins, Carlos; Pavlakis, George N.; Perc, Matjaž; Petelos, Elena; Pickersgill, Martyn; Skupin, Alexander; Schernhammer, Eva; Szczurek, Ewa; Tsiodras, Sotirios; Willeit, Peter; Wilmes, Paul
2021Climate change, obesity, and COVID-19 - global crises with catastrophic consequences. Is this the future?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Elizabeth; Cuschieri, Andrea
2022Collecting data online from young students during a pandemic. Reflections.Mangion, Margaret
2021Commentary : the interface between global bioethics and Christian ethicsAgius, Emmanuel; Fraze, Barb
2021A comparative analysis of the package travel directive 2015/2302 with particular reference to the effect of COVID-19 on travel agentsBezzina, Edward (2021)
2021-12Comparing GP trainees’ evaluations of placements within Malta’s Specialist Training Programme in Family Medicine before and after a COVID-19 pandemic related break in trainingSammut, Mario R.; Abela, Gunther; Abela, Sonia
2020A country Pandemic Risk Exposure Measurement modelGrima, Simon; Kizilkaya, Murat; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Romānova, Inna; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo
2019-07-01The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the preservice teacher practicum : a literature reviewVancell, Joseph
2021Covid-19 vaccinations : the unknowns, challenges and hopesMohamed, Kawthar; Rzymski, Piotr; Islam, Md Shahidul; Makuku, Rangarirai; Mushtaq, Ayesha; Khan, Amjad; Ivanovska, Mariya; Makka, Sara A.; Hashem, Fareeda; Marquez, Leander; Cseprekal, Orsolya; Salerno Filgueiras, Igor; Fonseca, Dennyson Leandro M.; Mickael, Essouma; Ling, Irene; Godana Arero, Amanuel; Cuschieri, Sarah; Minakova, Kseniia; Rodriguez-Roman, Eduardo; Abarikwu, Sunny O.; Faten, Attig-Bahar; Grancini, Giulia; Cabral-Marques, Otavio; Rezaei, Nima
2020-05Dealing with Coronus : self-help notes for a pandemicGrech, Paulann
2022Development, validation and evaluation of learning activities to support the reporting of adverse drug reactions during the COVID-19 pandemicCurtolo, Elisa; Vella Szijj, Janis; Camilleri, Liberato; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; Azzopardi, Lilian M.
2021Effect of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health hospital admissions : comparative population-based studyBonello, Fabian; Zammit, Daniela; Grech, Anton; Camilleri, Victoria; Cremona, Rachel
2021The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic : religion and spirituality during the challenging timesGalea, Paul; Dimech, Pauline; Gellel, Adrian-Mario; Schembri, Kevin; Sultana, Carl-Mario
2021The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on securities markets : an event study approachGrech, Francesca (2021)
2021EU membership and Malta's healthcare systemAttard, Mildred (2021)