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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Accounting offices in view of requirements introduced by the Polish DealMatuszewska, Anna; Wielgocki, Paweł
2022Additive production management in COVID-19 pandemicZmuda Trzebiatowski, Piotr; Królikowski, Tomasz; Strulak-Wójcikiewicz, Roma; Nikończuk, Piotr; Błażejewski, Andrzej
2021Analysis of changes in shopping behaviour of package holidays purchasers caused by the COVID-19 pandemicDudek, Andrzej; Jaremen, Daria; Michalska-Dudek, Izabela; Walesiak, Marek
2022Building trust in virtual project teams during the Covid-19 pandemic : the viewpoint of project managers from Poland, France and GermanyKacprzak, Anna; Kacprzak, Marzena; Wielewska, Izabela; Jarka, Sławomir
2021Business uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic : assessment based on the pandemic fear index and economic surveysJanecki, Jarosław
2021Changes in institutional systems during Covid-19 pandemic from the institutional conception of O. E. WilliamsonCzetwertyński, Sławomir; Sukiennik, Jakub
2022Changes in relationships with business customers under the influence pandemic on the example of a medium-sized enterprise in the paper industrySobotkiewicz, Dariusz; Waniowski, Paweł
2021Changes in the global shipbuilding industry on the examples of selected states worldwide in the 21st centuryKamola-Cieślik, Małgorzata
2021Changes in the journalist’s profession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of relations with representatives of the public relations industryTworzydło, Dariusz; Gawroński, Sławomir; Nycz, Ewelina
2022Changes in the structure of the apartments rental segment in Poland during the COVID-19 pandemicDerkacz, Arkadiusz J.; Gajda, Artur
2022Changes of EU countries positions in the international trade of food, drinks and tobacco in 2016, 2019 and 2020 : influence of coronavirus pandemicStaszczak, Dariusz Eligiusz
2021Classification of the EU countries according to the vulnerability of their economies to the impact of COVID-19 pandemicBrzyska, Joanna; Szamrej-Baran, Izabela
2021Comparison of institutional solutions in Sweden and Poland during the COVID-19 pandemic : a case studyPrzysada-Sukiennik, Paula
2021Consumer‘s behaviour regarding cashless payments during the Covid-19 pandemicKulisz, Monika; Bojanowska, Agnieszka; Toborek, Katarzyna
2022COVID-19 : changes in the ranking of Polish regions according to the criterion taking into account both the reluctance to vaccinate and the number of deathsWilinski, Antoni; Bach-Dabrowska, Irena
2022COVID-19 : European Union actions to support tourismHelnarska, Karolina Julia
2021COVID-19 and its impact on VAT gap in the EU : lessons from and for PolandSzewczyk, Rafal M.
2021COVID-19 and the size and composition of household savings in the European Union countriesBanaszczak-Soroka, Urszula; Pancer-Cybulska, Ewa
2021COVID-19 pandemic : effects on the dental team and implications on dental public healthAgius, Anne-Marie; Gatt, Gabriella; Cortes, Arthur R. G.; Attard, Nikolai J.
2020The COVID-19 pandemic and territoriality : some initial reflectionsLutterbeck, Derek