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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975Alveolar cell carcinomaEllul-Micallef, Roger; Fenech, Frederick F.
2011Barrett's oesophagus : towards improving surveillanceAbela, Jo Etienne
2021The benefits of reflexology massage for pain reduction in cancer patientsFarrugia, Anthony Paul (2021)
2008Breast cancer : the effects on women and their intimate relationship with their partnerGrech, Gwyneth (2008)
1968Cancer : an immune response through cell evolutionSammut, J.J.
2015-09-01Cucurbitacin E, an experimental lead triterpenoid with anticancer, immunomodulatory and novel effects against degenerative diseases. A mini-reviewAttard, Everaldo; Martinoli, Maria-Grazia
2013-06Developing new cancer treatmentsSultana, Tessabelle
2022Direct Oral Anticoagulants for the Prevention and Acute Treatment of Cancer-Associated ThrombosisAttard, Laura M.; Gatt, Alexander; Bertoletti, Laurent; Delluc, Aurelien; Riva, Nicoletta
2021The effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine for pain relief in cancer patientsCamilleri, Nicole (2021)
2012The effectiveness of meaning-making interventions on clients living with advanced cancerBowman, Sarah
2009Enhanced efficacy of bioactive compounds : targeting isoprenylation in cancer cells to mediate apoptosisFarrugia, Mario; Grech, Godfrey
2010Enhanced efficacy of bioactive compounds: targeting isoprenylation in cancer cells to mediate apoptosisFarrugia, Mario
2010An evaluation of patient satisfaction with breast cancer careGalea, Patricia M.
2011How mothers make sense of the psychological needs of healthy siblings of children with paediatric cancerCassar, Gabriella
1975Hyaluronidase and cancerSammut, J.J.
1975The incidence of colorectal tumours in the Maltese islandsCarachi, R.; Busuttil, Anthony
2018The influence of type 2 diabetes on the risk of cancerGalea, Marcelle
2003Investigation of the bioactivity of an extract from Ricinus communisDarmanin, Stephanie
2022-01Ir-Ricerka fl-Universita S1 : Programme 1-13Fitz, Colin
2019The knowledge and attitudes of persons who participate and do not participate in a colorectal cancer screening programme : a comparative surveySammut, Roberta; Camilleri, Sylvia; Trapani, Josef