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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Anchoring career guidance in the Mediterranean? : in search of southern perspectivesSultana, Ronald G.
2012Artist and teacher : compatible careers?Tanti, Charmaine (2012)
2015-04Assessment for learning and for self-regulationLysaght, Zita
2014Career development in the Malta Public Service to enable a better quality service : a departmental case study at the Central Procurement and Supplies UnitBorg, Mary-Anne
2013Career education : past, present… but what prospects?Sultana, Ronald G.
2014Career education requires learners to be reflexive to understand how they make sense of the world around themSultana, Ronald G.
2016Career guidance for social justiceHooley, Tristram; Sultana, Ronald G.
2014Career guidance for social justice in neoliberal timesSultana, Ronald G.
2017Career guidance in multicultural societies : identity, alterity, epiphanies and pitfallsSultana, Ronald G.
2004Career guidance policies in 37 countries : contrasts and common themesWatts, Anthony G.; Sultana, Ronald G.
2013Career management skills : assessing for learningSultana, Ronald G.
2012Career paths and personality in pharmacyCordina, Maria; Lauri, Mary Anne; Lauri, Josef
2013Career self-perceptions on Maltese accountants with an auditing practising certificateCamilleri, Claire (2013)
2014A comparative study of the beliefs and practices of novice and experienced teachers of literacy in MaltaMorales, Amanda M.
2009Competence and competence frameworks in career guidance : complex and contested conceptsSultana, Ronald G.
2009Competences and the right to learningMayo, Peter
2018Conditionally university student readiness of the person to self-development by means of physical educationPanachev, Valery D.; Zelenin, Leonid A.; Opletin, Anatoly A.; Legotkin, Aleksandr N.; Kusykova, Rafily F.; Annenkova, Svetlana V.; Ponomarev, Nikolai L.; Panchenko, Sergey L.
2018Conflicting perspectives on career : implications for career guidance and social justiceBergmo-Prvulovic, Ingela
2018Connecting big and intimate worlds : using an auto/biographical research imagination in career guidanceReid, Hazel; West, Linden
2017Contexts matter : factors influencing career guidance in the Mediterranean countriesSultana, Ronald G.