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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979The aged and the Christian communityMercieca, Paul (1979)
2008Aspects of Catholicism in late hospitaller Malta : the perspective of a contemporary Hospitaller Ambassador 1758-1778Vella, Christopher (2008)
1949-04The authority of St. Thomas Aquinas in theologyZarb, S. M.
1949-11The authority of St. Thomas Aquinas in theology : part 2Zarb, S. M.
2000Biblical pastoral ministry in MaltaZerafa, Adelaide M. (2000)
1970The birth pangs of the fourth genus of Christian or laymen in search of the state of perfectionCachia, Gemma
2017Catholic church councils, parliamentary democracy, women and controversyMercieca, Simon
2004The Church and the fullness of the TruthScerri, Hector
1998Collegiality and papal primacySwaine, Mariella (1998)
2004Consecrated life : a witness to communionCucciardi, Jurgen (2004)
2001Democracy in the ChurchPolidano, David (2001)
2003Developing collaborative ministry in the parishPortelli, Claude (2003)
2013Diskorsi : program 11Pirotta, Joseph; Borg, Joseph
2015Diskorsi u lilhinn minnhom : program 12Pirotta, Joseph; Borg, Joseph
2011The Eastern Catholic Churches : a historical and local perspectiveGalea, Stefan (2011)
1993Europe today : new perspectives for a Christian commitmentSant Fournier, Alfred J. (1993)
2003Globalisation : implications for the public relevance of the Christian faithBorg, Anthony (2003)
2011The Hospitaller cult of St John Baptist in Malta : its history, patronage and politicsButtigieg, George Gregory (2011)
1952Il conferimento della cresima ai moribondi secondo il decreto del 14 sett., 1946Tabone, A.
2012Il-Hsieb teologiku tal-Papa Benedittu SittaxBerry, John Anthony