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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Brain Disease Mechanisms - Editor’s picks 2021 : vesicular glutamate release from central axons contributes to myelin damageDoyle, Sean; Bloch Hansen, Daniel; Vella, Jasmine; Bond, Peter; Harper, Glenn; Zammit, Christian; Valentino, Mario; Fern, Robert
2019Changes in foot clearance patterns with functional electrical stimulation (FES) and ankle foot orthosis (AFO) in the presence of foot drop post-strokeMangion, David
1948Chest-piece : volume 1 : issue 1Xuereb, Charles
2021Design of 3D printed customisable post-stroke rehabilitation devices to provide a high-quality user experienceDarmanin, Benjamin (2021)
2008Do predetermined patterns of movement to treat older stroke adults achieve better results? : a pilot studyCremona Caruana, Kenneth (2008)
2005Eating disabilities in patients who have suffered a CVA : nurses' perceptions and interventionsGrima, Laureen
1999Emerging insights into the genesis of cerebral ischaemia and strokeValentino, Mario; Graf, Rudolf
2002An evaluation of stroke services at Zammit Clapp hospitalAbela, Stephen
2019A healing touchValentino, Mario
2019A healing touchBonnici, Laura; Valentino, Mario
2013Health-related quality of life of post-stroke older patientsRahim, Rehan (2013)
1911-08-05In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 151Levanzin, Agostino
2016Monoaminergic and histaminergic strategies and treatments in brain diseasesDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Svob Strac, Dubravka; Sole, Montse; Unzeta, Mercedes; Tipton, Keith F.; Muck-Seler, Dorotea; Bolea, Irene; Della Corte, Laura; Nikolac Perkovic, Matea; Pivac, Nela; Smolders, Ilse J.; Stasiak, Anna; Fogel, Wieslawa A.; De Deurwaerdère, Philippe
2020Neurological disorders vis-à-vis climate changeZammit, Christian; Torzhenskaya, Natalia; Ozarkar, Pranali Devendra; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2018Relationship of hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia, and glucose variability to atherosclerotic disease in type 2 diabetesMagri, Caroline Jane; Mintoff, Dillon; Camilleri, Liberato; Xuereb, Robert G.; Galea, Joseph; Fava, Stephen
2011Shedding light on brain injuryLaboratory for the Study of Neurological Disorders; Valentino, Mario
2019A systematic review investigating the relationship of electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography measurements with sensorimotor upper limb impairments after strokeTriccas, L. Tedesco; Meyer, Sarah; Mantini, Dante; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Falzon, Owen; Camilleri, Tracey A.; Verheyden, Geert
2013The use of novel anticoagulants in non-valvular atrial fibrillationCassar, Andrew
2020-09-12Virtual reality-based treatment for regaining upper extremity function induces cortex grey matter changes in persons with acquired brain injuryKeller, Jiří; Štětkářová, Ivana; Macri, Vince; Kühn, Simone; Pětioký, Jakub; Gualeni, Stefano; Simmons, C. Douglas; Arthanat, Sajay; Zilber, Paul