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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Alkyl substituted salicylaldimines for soluble lanthanide complexesAttard, Connie Frances (2000)
2018An authoring tool for educators to make virtual labsVerveridis, Dimitrios; Chantas, Giannis; Migkotzidis, Panagiotis; Anastasovitis, Eleftherios; Papazoglou-Chalikias, Anastasios; Nikolaidis, Efstathios; Nikolopoulos, Spiros; Kompatsiaris, Ioannis; Mavromanolakis, Georgios; Thomsen, Line Ebdrup; Liapis, Antonios; Yannakakis, Georgios N.; Müller, Marc; Hadiji, Fabian
2015-07Chemistry for medicineFarrugia, Kristina
2015-07Colour chemistry in waterCardona, Maria
2014-09Colouring chemistryHili, Alexander
1975Complexes of iron with a quadridentate sulphido-thiol ligandVella, Alfred J.
2015-07Connect the dotsTesta, Claire
1997The construction and use of an electronic actinometerGingell, Nicholas (1997)
1997Electroreduction of dialkyl peroxides. Activation-driving force relationships and bond dissociation free energiesAntonello, Sabrina; Musumeci, Martin; Wayner, Danial D. M.; Maran, Flavio
2017Fluorescent molecular logic gates for pH and pE for cell imaging applicationsJohnson, Alex (2017)
1973Gas - liquid - chromatography in the analysis of Maltese winesSchembri, Rose (1973)
2014-03Green chemistry for the environmentDebono, Anthony
2015-04A greener chemical potGabarretta, John
2014-06Healing stone ... by infectionMicallef, Roderick
1968Hydroxy by-products in aromatic nitrationMcElhatton, James (1968)
1969Hydroxylation study of carbazolePace, Tony (1969)
2015-09Into the crystal mazeVassallo, Francesca
2017Investigations of the efficacy of Di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate treatment on globigerina limestonePortelli, Timothy (2017)
2013-03Labs in solutionDuca, Edward
2013-06Logical chemicalsDuca, Edward