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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Conjugate additions of nitroalkanes to electron-poor alkenes : recent resultsBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Palmieri, Alessandro; Petrini, Marino
1998Development and application of validation methods for community pharmacyAzzopardi, Lilian M.
2000First TiCl4-mediated diastereoselective reduction of α-nitro ketones to anti-β-nitro alcohols by BH3·SMe2Ballini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Marcantoni, Enrico; Vita, Patrizia; Bartoli, Giuseppe
1996A new two steps synthesis of α-substituted γ-methyl γ-lactones from nitroalkanesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
1996Nitroaldol (Henry) reaction catalyzed by amberlyst A-21 as a far superior heterogeneous catalystBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Forconi, Paola
1996Nitroaldol reaction in aqueous media : an important improvement of the Henry reactionBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
2000Nitroalkanes as a new, convenient source of 1-Acyl-2,5-dialkylbenzene derivatives, in two stepsBallini, Roberto; Barboni, Luciano; Bosica, Giovanna
2002Preparation of enantiomerically pure 4-alkyl-5-formyl-4-nitrocyclohex-1-enes from 5-glyco-4-nitrocyclohex-1-enesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Gil, Maria Victoria; Roman-Galan, Emilio; Serrano, Jose A.
2016Quality of melons in relation to different qualities of irrigation waterGalea, Paul
2001Stereoselective synthesis of (E)-4-alkylidenecyclopent-2-en-1-ones by a tandem ring closure−michael addition−eliminationBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Gil, Maria Victoria; Petrini, Marino
2015A study on the solubility of Frangula emodinMizzi, Martina; Duca, Deborah; Farrugia, Claude
2001Three-component process for the synthesis of 2-amino-2-chromenes in aqueous mediaBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Conforti, Maria Lina; Maggi, Raimondo; Mazzacani, Alessandro; Righi, Paolo; Sartori, Giovanni