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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advancing success in behavior and activities as one of conditions for development of self-esteem with childrenDybina, Olga V.
1986-08The anaesthetist and the paediatric patientAzzopardi, Nazzareno
2012The benefits and concerns of a school-based psychologist : a case studyMicallef, Irene Mary
2018-04Beyond the ‘diminished self’ : challenging an array of objections to emotional well-being in educationDownes, Paul
2009-11Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 1(2)]Parkinson, Gill; Hanley, Terry; Lendrum, Ann; Wigelsworth, Michael; Humphrey, Neil
2021Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 13(2)]Cowie, Helen
2010-04Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 2(1)]Visser, John; Wigelsworth, Michael; Evans, Kathy; Davis, Sarah; Gol-Guven, Mine; Tennant, Geoff
2011-11Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 3(2)]Squires, Garry; Weeds, Martyn; Evans, Rhiannon; Hebron, Judith
2014-11Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 6(2)]Miljević-Riđički, Renata; Ljubin Golub, Tajana; Simões, Celeste; Gaspar de Matos, Margarida
2011A case study of drop outs in a maltese football nursery.Busuttil, Glenn
2014Children's visual representations of storiesDecelis Bugeja, Francesca
2011A cross-sectional study of children's attitudes towards peers with autismCaruana, Nadja (2011)
2010Early expressive lexical development : evidence from children brought up in Maltese-speaking familiesGatt, Daniela
1996-06Early social relationships in childhood contribute to later psychological developmentMuscat Baron, Astrid; Muscat Baron, Yves
2018-11Editorial [International Journal of Emotional Education, 10(2)]Cooper, Paul; Cefai, Carmel
2013-11Editorial [International Journal of Emotional Education, 5(2)]Vélez, Clorinda E.; Gillham, Jane E.
1989The effects of classroom seating arrangement on pupils' behaviourMercieca, Josette (1989)
2018Equipping children to face transitions through a richer symbolic repertoireGalea, Deborah
2019How to read children's drawingsZlateva, Ani
2013Identifying the factors that influence change in SEBD using logistic regression analysisCamilleri, Liberato; Cefai, Carmel