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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Aspects of out - migration from VallettaLivori, Roderick (2004)
2004Belt - raħal - subborgEllul, Carmel
2014Bil-qala u l-moqdief 4 : programs 17 and 18Xuereb, Charles
1999Birkirkara - bella e caraBorda Vassallo, Frank
1990The C.B.D. and VallettaMagri, Vincent (1990)
2005The changing urban fabric of SiġġiewiMifsud, David (2005)
2021The city‐island‐state, wounding cascade, and multi‐level vulnerability explored through the lens of MaltaMain, Geoff; Schembri, John; Speake, Janet; Gauci, Ritienne; Chester, David
1995Community centres : a proposal for San GwannGellel, Adrian-Mario
1979A comprehensive study of Valletta : the city : the pedestrian : the vehicular viewpointsDelia, Jojo (1979)
2014Conurbation Malta : current and future perspective regarding the urban designViester, Els (2014)
1995Cospicua 1930-1950 : a case study in historical demographyDiacono, Josephine (1995)
1998Cottonera as portrayed in the print media : 1987-1997Callus Randich, Audrey-Anne (1998)
1999The Cottonera project : a stakeholders' analysisEllul, Rosemary (1999)
2006Creating transition : from segregated spaces to legible experiences : illustrated through the study of an urban space in MaltaFenech, Daphne M. (2006)
2005A demographic analysis of the population of Rabat at the treshhold of the BaroqueDebono, Victoria M (2005)
2004Development at a cost? : the development and impacts of the Sliema waterfrontSmith, Charlene (2004)
2010Dualism in urban realms : the role of intermediate spaceFarrugia, Analise (2010)
1999Elderly personal mobility patterns as influenced by area of residence : a case study of Sliema and QrendiBorg, Audrey (1999)
1994Evaluating environmental effects : the Malta Drydocks and the three cities : a case studyDarmanin, Lawrence (1994)
2012The evolution of Valletta : a psychoanalytical interpretationBencini, Nicolo' (2012)