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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The birth of 'citizenship and constitution' in Italian schools : a new wall of competences or transition to intercultural education?Chistolini, Sandra
2008Core values for democratic citizenship education in liberal democratic statesGrima, Carlos (2008)
2011The cosmopolitan warrior? : views of patriotism and citizenship from private military company contractors with implications for nationalityLohmann, Jessica S. (2011)
2005Domicile, nationality and residence : the struggle for survival of the fittest connecting factorRadmilli, Robert
2005Educação crítica e desenvolvimento de uma cidadania multi-etnica : uma perspectiva da Europa do SulMayo, Peter
1990Education for participatory democracy : a rationale for active citizenshipFenech, Michael (1990)
2005The evolution of citizens' rights within ambit of free movement in the European UnionGrech, Ryan (2005)
2008Expressing the personal and social by means of creative writing during a PSD lessonScicluna, Stephanie (2008)
2015Global citizenship and the role of education in the twenty-first centuryCaruana, Philip
2005"In and against the state" : Gramsci, war of position, and adult educationMayo, Peter
2008Lectures 11 : program 10 : ic-cittadinanza nisranija : xi metafori PawliniAugustinian Institute; Dimech, Pauline
2008Lectures 11 : program 5 : is-sens ta' cittadinanza fl-ordni Agostinjan ta' zminijietnaAugustinian Institute; Borg Bonello, Emanuel
2008Lectures 11 : program 6 : cittadini fl-ezilju : in-nisrani wara l-waqa' ta' l-imperiAugustinian Institute; Camilleri, Rene
2017The legal fiction of a genuine link as a requirement for the grant of nationality to ships and humans - the triumph of formality over substance?Gauci, Gotthard Mark; Aquilina, Kevin
2011Lifelong guidance, citizen rights and the state : reclaiming the social contractSultana, Ronald G.
2011The limitations of European citizenshipGalea, Maria (2011)
2008Maltese Muslims and educationChircop, Louise (2008)
2006Scientific literacy and citizenshipGatt, Suzanne
2020The withdrawal of citizenship and its implications under international conventions on the prevention of statelessness, with special reference to the case of Shamima BegumSutton, Cristina Emily (2020)
2005The work of art in the age of global culture : theory and practiceGrech, John;