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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981The Actio hypothecariaGambin, John
1958The action for disavowalFenech Adami, Edward
2018-11Book review : Legal m├ętissage in a micro-jurisdiction : the mixing of common law and civil law in SeychellesRizzi, Marco
1983Cessio bonorumFrendo, Stefan L.
1984The changing face of law : a marxist perspectiveAbela, Toni
1999Child sexual abuse : the civil aspectGalea, Claudine
2003Children's rights : the right to divorce your parentO'Brien, Barbara
2014Civil liability arising from obligations of protection in contracts of transport of passengers : a local and comparative analysisFelice, Mattia
1997Compensation for accidents : a study of recent developmentsMeilak, Joanne
2003The concept of 'danno biologico' and the case for its introduction in Maltese lawTonna, Antonella
2014The conceptual basis and practical implications of compensating psychological harm in Maltese Tort LawGrima, Charlene
1997Condominium : comparative study and recommendationsVella Magro, Maria
1981The contract of mandate in civil lawPortelli, Frank G.
2003Disherison and unworthiness under the law of succession : a comparative studyBorg Caruana, Sylvana
2005Domestic violence and the use of arms : civil and criminal law aspectsXuereb, Daniela Maria
2001The Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act 2000 : in perspectivePulis, Louise Anne
1958Error in substantiaXuereb, Paul
2008Europeanisation of private law : leading to a jus commune.Bianchi, Aloysius
2016An evaluation of the fraud exception in the principle of autonomy of the documentary credit : should there be other accepted exceptions? : a comparative viewZammit, Mervin
1973Extinctive prescription in civil lawRossignaud, Ramon