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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Abuse knows no boundaries : children and domestic violence from a civil law perspectiveFabri, Oriella
2022The acquisition of immovable property in Malta by non-residents and the local legal regimeCatania Cassar, Caroline (2022)
1995The Actio PaulianaCamilleri Brennan, Rachel
2007The Actio PublicianaBezzina, Phyllis
1999The actio surrogatoriaBartolo, Noel
1999The action for abatement in the law of successionSchembri, Sharon
1985The actiones de novi operis and damni infecti : nature and devlopmentMizzi, John-Victor; Agius, Josette
1981Adoption and its effects under Maltese lawVella, Louis G.
2021The adverse effects of the necessary right of way on the right of ownership : an analysis of article 447Conti, Sergio (2021)
2019The amendments to the lease provisions of band clubs in the Civil Code : a critical assessmentMicallef, Martina
2022Analysing the concept of revenge pornography : through Maltese legislation and jurisprudenceBorg, Daryl (2022)
2021An analysis of article 1390 civil codeBorg, Taddeo (2021)
2020The application of FIDIC conditions of contract to the contract of ‘locatio operis’ : an assessmentFrancica, Martina (2020)
2003Aspects of construction contract documentationFenech, Joseph
1979An assessment of the law relating to agricultural leasesCoppini, Paul
1997Assignment and pledge of a policy of insuranceMuscat, Stephen
2021Atti Kawtelatorji : to what extent are precautionary warrants adequate in safeguarding a person’s rights to secure a claim before the Civil Court?Camilleri-Cassar, Frances
2018Banning the burqa : a human rights approach versus a common good approachEllul, Maria Claire
1977The benefit of inventory in the law of successionCuschieri, Noel
1988The benefit of the separation of estatesConsiglio, Andrew