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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adaption to climate change : legal implications for MaltaTufigno, Michele
2022The adverse effect of ambient temperature on respiratory deaths in a high population density area : the case of MaltaJahan, Shafkat; Cauchi, John Paul; Galdies, Charles; England, Kathlleen; Wraith, Darren
2018Agenda 2030 : programs 1-17Borg, Carmel
2021-10Agora S1-13 propgrammesVassallo, Mario Thomas
1994An analysis of Malta’s main initiatives at the United Nations' General AssemblyBalzan, Audrey (1994)
2018Assessing the demand for electric vehicles in MaltaFarrugia, Rachel
2017-05Assessing the ecological quality of pools and pool landscapes in the Maltese IslandsLanfranco, Sandro; Shunfenthal, Jennifer C.; Galea, Lara
2015Assessment of climate change sensitive coastal hazards on the Maltese coastal environmentMicallef, Stefan
2006Attitudes towards the impacts of climate change on small island states : experts' viewsVella, Maryrose (2006)
2019Awareness, knowledge and behaviour of the Maltese population in relation to the global solar ultraviolet index (UVI)Busuttil, Roderick; Galdies, Charles; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.
2001The battle of the 21st century : economy versus the environment : a zero-sum game? : the implications of living in a greenhouse centuryBonavia, Ritienne (2001)
2017Bridging the gap : regulating climate change and its impacts on ocean lifeBorg, Simone
2018Can 3D visualizations really convince small island coastal communities about the true risks of sea level rise?Attard, Claudia; Galdies, Charles; Conrad, Elisabeth
2022Carbon footprint and performance of quoted insurance firms in Sub-Saharan African countriesOsariemen, Omoruyi-Aigbovo; Omoruyi, Aigbovo
2017Challenges and approaches for smart innovative transport system replicationCroitorescu, Valerian; Dingli, Alexiei
2023-01Challenging world pollutersGrima, Antoine
2018Climate changeGaldies, Charles
2009-02-10Climate change : impacts on UK coastal tourism destinations reflections, responses and repercussionsJones, Andrew
2011Climate change and agriculture : an assessment of migration an adaptation requirements from an EU island stateCamilleri, Clinton (2011)
2014Climate change and ENGOs in Malta and the EUBriguglio, Michael