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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Character and chemical-wear response of high alloy austenitic stainless steel (Ortron 90) surface engineered with magnetron sputtered Cr–B–N ternary alloy coatingsMallia, Bertram; Stüber, Michael; Dearnley, Peter A.
2007The corrosion–wear response of Cr–Ti coatingsMallia, Bertram; Dearnley, Peter A.
2022Enhancing surface integrity of titanium alloy through hybrid surface modification (HSM) treatmentsZammit, Ann; Attard, Marlon; Subramaniyan, Prabhakaran; Levin, Sebastian; Wagner, Lothar; Cooper, Jack; Espitalier, Laurent; Cassar, Glenn
2015Novel dental implant coating materialsXuereb, Maria; Camilleri, Josette
2018Optimisation of fluorapatite coating synthesis applied to a biodegradable substrateCaligari Conti, Malcolm; Xerria, Gianella; Peyrouzeta, Florian; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Mantovani, Diego; Vella, Daniel; Buhagiar, Joseph
1993Performance testing of locally available, transparent protective-coatings on Globigerina limestoneTonna, George (1993)
2019Sol-gel coatings for the protection of ferrous heritage metalCini, Diana Kuzova
2007The structure and properties of magnetron sputtered Fe-Cr-Ni coatings containing sigma phaseMallia, Bertram; Dahm, Karl L.; Ogwu, Abraham; Dearnley, Peter A.
2013A study of nano-particle based alkoxysilane consolidants for globigerina limestoneBriffa, Sophie M.
2022A tribocorrosion appraisal of a dual layer PVD coated CoCrMo alloy tribopairMazzonello, Antonino; Buhagiar, Joseph; Chetcuti, Raisa; Dearnley, Peter A.; Valsesia, Andrea; Colpo, Pascal; Mallia, Bertram