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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Adaptive changes of response criterion in recognition memoryHeit, Evan; Brockdorff, Noellie; Lamberts, Koen
2016Administering cognitive tests through touch screen tablet devices : potential issuesJenkins, Amy; Lindsay, Stephen; Eslambolchilar, Parisa; Thornton, Ian M.; Tales, Andrea
2021The application of text world theory to the reading of Hemingway's ‘In Our Time’Zahra, Corrine Anette (2021)
2017The association between activities of daily living and cognitive functioning in adultsZerafa, Kelly Anne
2007Asthma knowledge among parents of asthmatic children and the functional severity of asthma in their childrenFelice, Rebecca
2016Attitudes towards attention and aging : what differences between younger and older adults tell us about mobile technology designJenkins, Amy; Eslambolchilar, Parisa; Lindsay, Stephen; Hare, Monika; Thornton, Ian M.; Tales, Andrea
2023Beyond ‘cold’ creative metacognition : toward a more integrated frameworkBeghetto, Ronald A.; Mangion, Margaret
2022The choreographic process as an ecological environment : study of embedded and extended cognitionReiners, Carson (2022)
2012Cognitive biases, survival ability, and gameplay statisticsCilia, Johnathan
2006Cognitive representation and the relevance of on-line constructionsAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2012Community nurses' knowledge and perceptions of pain management in terminally ill clients in the community.Saliba, Kristine
2019Contemporary application of architectural representation toolsVella, Matthew (2019)
2022Creative cognitionMangion, Margaret
2008The development of moral judgement in Maltese youthCamilleri, Stephanie (2008)
2008The development of moral judgement in Maltese youthCamilleri, Stephanie (2008)
2020Drivers of intention to pass-along an online advert : the role of functional attitude formation towards an advert and spite among the audienceVella, Ryan
2022The effectiveness of the cognitive interview in eliciting new information from eyewitnessesGalea, Ivana (2022)
2021The effects of theatrical approaches on the teaching and learning of French as a foreign languageCousin, Nathalie Carmen Pauline (2021)
2015Entrepreneurship research on intuition : a critical analysis and research agendaBaldacchino, Leonie; Ucbasaran, Deniz; Cabantous, Laure; Lockett, Andy
2019Evidence-based performance trends in Graphical CommunicationZahra, Anton