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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Destination competitiveness analysis for creative crafts industries in Bantul Yogyakarta IndonesiaRoostika, Ratna; Wahyuningsih, Tri; Haryono, Sigit
2017The effect of entrepreneurship and regulation policy on competitive advantageAripin, Iqbal Alan Abdullah
2020The effect of organizational culture and company asset on the competitive strategy of the diving industry in IndonesiaYudo Wibowo, Arief; Tisnawati Sule, Ernie; Cahyandito, Marthafani; Rahman, Sulaeman
2020Examining the trip experience on competitive advantage creation in tourismRahmiati, Filda; Othman, Norfaridatul Akmaliah; Hayati Tahir, Md Nor
2017The factors affecting the profitability of banks : the case of LatviaBojare, Kristina; Romanova, Inna
2011Global crisis and country’s competitiveness : lessons from Indonesia and MalaysiaSetyawan, Anton A.
2017Minus margin agreements as a violation of business in business competition in IndonesiaHasbi
2020Resources and competitive strategies to improve the performance of diving tourism business in IndonesiaJilmi Astina, Hilmiana; Yudo Wibowo, Arief
2017The role of feedback and feed forward control system to improve competitive advantage of SMEs in IndonesiaMeutia, Tubagus Ismail; Bukhori, Ahmad
2017A study of service quality, corporate social responsibility, hospital image, and hospital value creation in MedanLubis, Arlina Nurbaity; Lumbanraja, Prihatin; Lubis, Rodiah Rahmawaty; Hasibuan, Beby Kendida