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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Air damping analysis in resonating micro-mirrorsFarrugia, Russell; Portelli, Barnaby; Grech, Ivan; Camilleri, Duncan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph; Gatt, Edward
2008An alternative cooling arrangement for the end region of a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) induction motorMicallef, Christopher; Pickering, Stephen J.; Simmons, Kathy A.; Bradley, Keith J.
2019Analysing fibre composite designs for high-solidity ducted tidal turbine bladesBorg, Mitchell G.; Xiao, Qing; Allsop, Steven; Incecik, Atilla; Peyrard, Christophe
2019Analysing liquid sloshing suppression in a pendulum-oscillating rectangular tankBorg, Mitchell G.
2019Analysis of desiccant dehumidification and evaporative cooling in hot and humid climatesBonello, Matthew
2019CFD analysis of aerodynamic drag on resonating MEMS micro-scannersFarrugia, Russell; Grech, Ivan; Camilleri, Duncan; Micallef, Joseph; Casha, Owen; Gatt, Edward
2022CFD analysis of the effect of heterogeneous hull roughness on ship resistanceRavenna, Roberto; Song, Soonseok; Shi, Weichao; Sant, Tonio; De Marco Muscat-Fenech, Claire; Tezdogan, Tahsin; Demirel, Yigit Kemal
2000Computational fluid dynamics in paediatric cardiac surgeryDubini, Gabriele; Migliavacca, Francesco; De Leval, Marc R.
2012Computational fluid dynamics modelling of an entire synchronous generator for improved thermal managementConnor, Peter H.; Pickering, Steve J.; Gerada, Chris; Eastwick, Carol N.; Micallef, Christopher; Tighe, Chris
2016Computational fluid dynamics study of the micro-climate of a room within the notarial archivesBianco, Andrea (2016)
2008Computer modelling of high temperature air combustion (HiTAC)Cauchi, Jonathan (2008)
2022Conceptual aero-cooling designs for high-pressure turbines in jet enginesZammit, Karl (2022)
2016Cross-ventilation of a room in a courtyard buildingMicallef, Daniel; Buhagiar, Vincent; Borg, Simon Paul
2021Design and characterisation of microfluidic channels fabricated using additive manufacturing techniquesBaldacchino, Gianluca; Grech, Ivan; Farrugia, Russell; Casha, Owen
2019Disparity analysis for three floating wind turbine aerodynamic codes in comparisonSant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2018Drag reduction induced by superhydrophobic surfaces in turbulent pipe flowCostantini, Roberta; Mollicone, Jean-Paul; Battista, Francesco
2017Effect of geometry and Reynolds number on the turbulent separated flow behind a bulge in a channelMollicone, Jean-Paul; Battista, Francesco; Gualtieri, Paolo; Casciola, Carlo Massimo
2019The effect of shank-space on the thermal performance of shallow u-tube ground heat exchangersVella, Christopher; Borg, Simon Paul; Micallef, Daniel
2020The effect of shank-space on the thermal performance of shallow vertical u-tube ground heat exchangersVella, Christopher; Borg, Simon Paul; Micallef, Daniel
2018The effectiveness of vernacular stack ventilation with application in modern and retrofitted buildingsSchembri, Maurizio; Micallef, Daniel