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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The 2010 IEEE conference on computational intelligence and games reportYannakakis, Georgios N.; Togelius, Julian
2011The 2010 Mario AI championship : level generation trackShaker, Noor; Togelius, Julian; Yannakakis, Georgios N.; Weber, Ben; Shimizu, Tomoyuki; Hashiyama, Tomonori; Sorenson, Nathan; Pasquier, Philippe; Mawhorter, Peter; Takahashi, Glen; Smith, Gillian; Baumgarten, Robin
2009-09Annual activity report 2008-2009Fabri, Simon G.
2010-09Annual activity report 2009-2010Fabri, Simon G.
2011-10Annual activity report 2010-2011Fabri, Simon G.
2012-09Annual activity report 2011-2012Fabri, Simon G.
2013-09Annual activity report 2012-2013Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2020An application of column generation to the airline crew pairing problemCassar, Matthew
2021Artificial intelligence for designing gamesLiapis, Antonios
2021An automatic participant detection framework for event tracking on twitterMamo, Nicholas; Azzopardi, Joel; Layfield, Colin
2020Automating jellyfish species recognition through faster region-based convolution neural networksGauci, Adam Pierre; Deidun, Alan; Abela, John
2016Autonomous exploration and mapping using a mobile robot running ROSDarmanin, Rachael N.; Bugeja, Marvin K.
2004A biologically inspired sensor for the prevention of object slip during robotic grasping and manipulationSaliba, Michael A.; Seguna, C. M.
2011Computational intelligence methods for dynamic control of mobile robotsBugeja, Marvin K.
2016Constructive generation methods for dungeons and levelsShaker, Noor; Liapis, Antonios; Togelius, Julian; Lopes, Ricardo; Bidarra, Rafael
2021Deep learning for procedural content generationLiu, Jialin; Snodgrass, Sam; Khalifa, Ahmed; Risi, Sebastian; Yannakakis, Georgios N.; Togelius, Julian
2018Design of a multi-layer UAV path planner for cluttered environmentsGalea, Marlon; Zammit, Brian; Gauci, Jason
2021Developing an Industry 4.0 mobile training unit for industrial engineering educationFrancalanza, Emmanuel
2020Development of a vehicle cyber physical system for sustainability analysisBorg, Massimo (2020)
2019ELD : event timeline detection - a participant-based approach to tracking eventsMamo, Nicholas; Azzopardi, Joel; Layfield, Colin