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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Academic course scheduling using a genetic algorithmSpiteri, Christopher (1999)
2004Adaptation of Brensen's thresholding algorithm for sketched line drawingsBartolo, Alexandra; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Farrugia, Philip; Borg, Jonathan C.
2008Algorithmic analysis of polygonal hybrid systems, part II : phase portrait and toolsAsarin, Eugene; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo; Yovine, Sergio
1988An analysis of some computational structuresTheuma, Christine (1988); Bezzina, Marita (1988)
2008An analysis of the EDSM heuristic for DFA learning.Cuschieri, Daniel (2008)
1994Automatic PCB drillingIncorvaja, Marco (1994
2020Behavioural types for memory and method safety in a core object-oriented languageBravetti, Mario; Francalanza, Adrian; Golovanov, Iaroslav; Hüttel, Hans; Jakobsen, Mathias; Kettunen, Mikkel K.; Ravara, António
2008BioNET : traversing and visualising biological reaction networks.Caruana, Stephen (2008)
2003Calculating τ-confluence compositionallyPace, Gordon J.; Lang, Frederic; Mateescu, Radu
2010Compensations in an imperative programming languageVella, Lydia (2010)
1985Computer analysis of the local high-voltage network operationFalzon, Mario (1985)
2003Computer-aided verification : how to trust a machine with your lifePace, Gordon J.
2016Converting a binary tree expression to infix notation using the BAIT algorithmAttard Cassar, Emmanuel
2016Crime analysis and forecasting using spatial data miningCutajar, Marzia
2014A critical analysis of high frequency trading and its proposed regulationLa Ferla, Maria
2012Data hiding in compressed imagesGatt, Alessio (2012)
2013Data mining : a solution for customer relationship management (CRM) in retail businessesAgius, Christa (2013)
2017Distributed computation frameworks for solving optimisation problemsGalea, Etienne
2017Enhancing handling precision of virtual objects in VR experiencesZammit, Gary
2014Exam time-table schedulingZerafa, Bernice (2014)