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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Assessing design patterns for concurrencyLeguesse, Fikre; Francalanza, Adrian
2014Compositional reasoning for explicit resource management in channel-based concurrencyFrancalanza, Adrian; Devries, Edsko; Hennessy, Matthew
2004Counter-example generation in symbolic abstract model-checkingPace, Gordon J.; Halbwachs, Nicolas; Raymond, Pascal
2011Elarva : runtime verification for message passing concurrencyGatt, Rudolph (2011)
2017A foundation for runtime monitoringFrancalanza, Adrian; Aceto, Luca; Achilleos, Antonis; Attard, Duncan Paul; Cassar, Ian; Della Monica, Dario; Ingólfsdóttir, Anna
2018-12Full-abstraction for client testing preordersBernardi, Giovanni; Francalanza, Adrian
2017Full-abstraction for must testing preordersBernardi, Giovanni; Francalanza, Adrian
2010Intuitive transformation of UML2 activities into fundamental modeling concept petri nets and colored petri netsSpiteri Staines, Tony
2021The MILO-switch task : comparing online and app-based assessmentBorg, Shanice (2021)
2007Model checking concurrent assembly algorithmsCordina, Joseph; Fenech, Stephen; Pace, Gordon J.
2017Monitorability for the Hennessy-Milner logic with recursionFrancalanza, Adrian; Aceto, Luca; Ingólfsdóttir, Anna
2021On benchmarking for concurrent runtime verificationAceto, Luca; Attard, Duncan Paul; Francalanza, Adrian; Ingólfsdóttir, Anna
2018Ordinary petri net matricesSpiteri Staines, Tony
2011Reasoning about explicit resource managementDevries, Edsko; Francalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2012-11Separation-based reasoning for deterministic channel-passing concurrent programsBorda, Aimee; Francalanza, Adrian
2021Session types in ElixirTabone, Gerard; Francalanza, Adrian
2018Simulating a formally specified message based concurrent languageSaid Camilleri, Mark
2017Towards an alternate characterisation of the actor safety preorderCaruana, Caroline
2009Uniqueness typing for resource management in message-passing concurrencyDevries, Edsko; Francalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2015Unlocking blocked communicating processesFrancalanza, Adrian; Giunti, Marco; Ravara, António