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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A calculus supporting contract reasoning and monitoringCambronero, Maria Emilia; Llana, Luis; Pace, Gordon J.
2009CLAN : a tool for contract analysis and conflict discoveryFenech, Stephen; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2012Considerations for monitoring highly concurrent systemsMizzi, Ruth; Colombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian; Pace, Gordon J.
2011Distributed system contract monitoringFrancalanza, Adrian; Gauci, Andrew; Pace, Gordon J.
2012Fast-forward runtime monitoring - an industrial case studyColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2016A model-based approach to combining static and dynamic verification techniquesAzzopardi, Shaun; Colombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2016A monitoring tool for a branching-time logicAttard, Duncan Paul; Francalanza, Adrian
2017On the complexity of determinizing monitorsAceto, Luca; Achilleos, Antonis; Francalanza, Adrian; Ingolfsdottir, Anna; Kjartansson, Saevar Orn
2016On the runtime enforcement of evolving privacy policies in online social networksPace, Gordon J.; Pardo, Raul; Schneider, Gerardo
2012PolyLARVA : runtime verification with configurable resource-aware monitoring boundariesColombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian; Mizzi, Ruth; Pace, Gordon J.
2016Preliminary results towards contract monitorabilityVella, Annalizz; Francalanza, Adrian
2010Runtime monitoring of distributed systemsFrancalanza, Adrian; Gauci, Andrew; Pace, Gordon J.
2007Smart web learning applications : the InDy assistantCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2015A specification language for static and runtime verification of data and control propertiesAhrendt, Wolfgang; Chimento, Jesus Mauricio; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2009Statistics and runtime verificationGauci, Andrew; Pace, Gordon J.; Colombo, Christian
2015Synthesising correct concurrent runtime monitorsFrancalanza, Adrian; Seychell, Aldrin
2017Trace partitioning and local monitoring for asynchronous componentsAttard, Duncan Paul; Francalanza, Adrian
2012A unified approach for static and runtime verification : framework and applicationsAhrendt, Wolfgang; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2017Verifying data- and control-oriented properties combining static and runtime verification : theory and toolsAhrendt, Wolfgang; Chimento, Jesús Mauricio; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2017Where to put the image in an image caption generatorTanti, Marc; Gatt, Albert; Camilleri, Kenneth P.