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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The 1849 Constitution : actions and reactions concerning the beginnings of popular representation in MaltaPortelli, Sergio
2015The 1961 constitution : the road to independenceLa Rosa, Yasmin
2022An analytical approach towards Malta’s constitutional history, 1947-1987Apap, Matthias Nikolai (2022)
2016The birth of the Republic of MaltaSchembri, Nicolette
1996Changes in the constitutional machinery of government, 1962-1994Zammit, Maria (1996)
2012Coins and constitutions : an introductionFrendo, Henry
1985The constitution and religion in Malta between 1921 and 1974Grima, George
1973Constitutional change and the Maltese constitutionSceberras Trigona, Alexander
2017Crowns and clones in crisis. The case of Malta (and Gibraltar)Frendo, Henry
1952The development of the Malta constitution 1813-1849Lee, Hilda I.
2012First Labour Party legislative initiatives under the 1921 self-government constitutionSaliba, Alexander Matthew
1988A historical development of constitutional law in Malta : 1921-1988Herrera, Consuelo Pilar
2006The history behind articles 1 to 6 in chapter 1 of the Constitution of MaltaSpiteri, Tania
2014Il-mixja kostituzzjonali u l-Korp tal-Pulizija (1813-1964)Attard, Eddie
2019Il-Ħamrun u dawk eleġġibli biex jivvutaw fl-elezzjonijietVella, Nigel
2005Kullana kulturali 3 : program 17Briffa, Charles; Buhagiar, Celaine
2008The law of naturalization and citizenship in Maltese law from 1921 onwardsSaid, Valerie
2017The legislative influence of the Labour administration (1971-1987) on the Constitutional law of MaltaBalzan, Miguel
1989Lejn stat sovran : l-izvilupp kostituzzjonali tal-Gzejjer MaltinFrendo, Henry; Kumitat taċ-Ċelebrazzjonijiet tal-25 Anniversarju ta' l-Indipendenza
1839Lettera di Monsignor Bres mandata ai Regj Commissionarj in Malta, scritta nell'anno 1812Bres, Monsignor