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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analysing the consumer buying behaviour in choosing a jewellery shopBusuttil, Elaine Paula
2016An analysis of the perception of design elements in the visual identity of fashion high-street brands versus luxury fashion brandsGauci, Tiziana
2015An analysis of push and pull factors of foreign tourists travelling to the Maltese islandsLofreda, Nikita
2015An assessment of consumer behaviour within the Maltese competitive cycling scene (with reference to local road cyclists and triathletes)Pace, Hannah
2014The attitude of the Maltese consumer market towards the collection and use of couponsMagri, Roxanne
2014Brand personality : a study on self-congruenceGalea, Rebecca
2015Brand switching & retail mix in the local retail sectorSeychell, Etienne Michel
2015Can we educate children towards becoming educated consumers? : a teacher’s perspectiveSaid, Edera Gail
2013The changing demands of European tourists in MaltaGrech, Jeanette (2013)
2018Children as consumers : the power of cereal packaging design and how it affects likability, preference and purchase intention among childrenRiviera, Daniela
2000Consumer awareness on salmonellosisGauci, Charmaine
2014The consumer buying behaviour of a gamer when purchasing a first-person shooter video gameMicallef, Adrian
2014The consumer buying behaviour of a gamer when purchasing a first-person shooter video gameMicallef, Adrian
2016Consumer psychology : innovative minimalist marketingBileci, Antonio
2013Consumer purchase behaviour for green productsSharma, Vinod; Sonwalkar, Jayant; Kapse, Maohar
2019Deliverable 4.2 - Stakeholder views : consumer surveyTchetchik, Anat; Briguglio, Marie; Kaufman, Dan
2012Demand generators in the German outbound travel market : a lesson for MaltaHilsentiz, Maike Karin
2019Determination the different categories of buyers based on the Jaynes’ information principleMaron, A.; Maron, Maxim A.
2015Differences in perception between digital natives and digital immigrants regarding books and e-booksSchembri, Dale
2015The differences in the way genders perceive risks when purchasing a smartphoneXuereb, Raffaella Liezel