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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Advertising likeability and purchase intention : an experimental investigation using a transformational and an informational advertisementSpiteri, Nicola
2001Advertising on the information superhighway : a commercial big bang or a melt down? : an audience perspective.Pace, Alexia (2001)
2017Analysing the future potential of luxury tourism in the Maltese islandsMicallef, Lara
2016Analysing the impact of brand familiarity and brand attitude on purchase intention : a study among potential e-cabs usersZammit, Philippa
2014Analysing the Maltese public's views of the ethics of using animals for testing cosmeticsScicluna, Ruth (2014)
2020Analysing the social media influencers’ impact on Maltese online users’ purchase behaviourAquilina, Sarah Anne
2013Analysis of differences in consumer perceptions between Apple and Samsung smartphonesYam, Anthony
2012An analysis of the local cosmetics market : profiling the Maltese consumerFalzon, Daniela (2012)
2013An analytical study of the food retail outlets in the locality of H'AttardManiscalco, Bernard
2016Analyzing souvenir shopping : the case of inbound tourists in MaltaLeban, Florin
2015Antecedents of customer behavioural intentions for online grocery shopping in MaltaDeguara, Matthew
2013Are Maltese consumers risk averse? : a study on how the consumer behaves when purchasing motor insurance particulary when choosing the level of coverGerada, Yana
2017Artisan jewellery : understanding consumer behaviour in order to help artisans move to consolidation stage of e-commerceGrima Azzopardi, Patricia
2020An assessment of individual attitudes towards technological innovation within the insurance sectorFenech, Roberta
2014The attitude of the Maltese consumer market towards the collection and use of couponsMagri, Roxanne
2020The attitude of young Maltese adults towards Instagram pop-up advertsBorg, Graziella
2013Attitudes towards and influences on fashion choices among nutrition, family and consumer studies sixth form studentsCefai, Tara Marie'
2010Bought it ; faked it - loved it : a study of the current attitudes and perceptions of young females in Malta towards original luxury fashion goods and their counterfeitsMijovic, Marija (2010)
2017The branded male : unlocking e-commerce potential for luxury male brandsSpiteri, Leonard
2000Branding : a study of the Maltese scenarioAttard, Bertrand (2000)