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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The causal relationship between domestic private consumption and wholesale prices : the case of European UnionDritsakis, Nikolaos; Adamopoulos, Antonios
2018Closing the loop for resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production : a critical review of the circular economyCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2014Consuming foods and household products in Greece : a statistical analysisPolychronidou, Persefoni; Petasakis, Ioannis; Florou, Giannoula; Karasavvoglou, Anastasios
2012A consumption function for Malta : formulation and analysisSultana, Luke
2007Dying to be seen? : power and body shape in late modern societyMartin, Gillian M. (2007)
1997The family life cycle in Malta : a conceptual and empirical evaluationGouder, Antoine F. (1997)
2022Forecasting macroeconomic indicators for selected European Union countriesMigała-Warchoł, Aldona; Surówka, Agata
2020I'm dreaming of a green ChristmasD’Amato Gautam, Zen
1980-01Il-Gzejjer : No. 98 : 1980Department of Information (Malta)
1980-04Il-Gzejjer : No. 99 : 1980Department of Information (Malta)
2017The impact of sovereign debt on growth : an empirical study on GIIPS versus JUUSD countriesEwaida, Haytham Y. M.
2022Internet prosumer activity levelsKocot, Maria; Kocot, Damian
2017The mathematical model of the law on the correlation of unique competencies with the emergence of new consumer marketsChursin, A. A.; Shamin, R. V.; Fedorova, L. A.
2007Modelling telecoms customers' spending patterns & churnGalea, Karl (2007)
2010The obsolescence of products : socio-psychological drives for consumptionVella, Sheena (2010)
2017The sharing economy : analysing the hype versus the paradigm change in tourism : a case study within the Maltese populationBorg, Estelle
2011Stochastic optimal control : theory and its application to the optimal investment-consumption problem with proportional transaction costsGalea, Nadya (2011)
2010Testing for the manifestation of consumption asymmetries across vulnerable and non-vulnerable economiesTheuma, Mark (2010)
1994Towards a sociology of consumption in MaltaSultana, Ronald G.
2018A visual experience on the effects of over-consumption that leads to the pollution of our planetDegaetano, Samuel