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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Digital design in ‘peripheral’ contextsMiodragovic Vella, Irina
2021Emotion recognition from EEG signals using empirical mode decomposition and second-order difference plotSalankar, Nilima; Mishra, Pratikshya; Garg, Lalit
2015Evaluating the use of mobile sensors in improving the user model in mobile recommender systemsMagrin, Edward Luke; Seychell, Dylan; Briffa, Dunstan
2021Fuzzy logic-based health monitoring system for COVID’19 patientsJayalakshmi, M.; Garg, Lalit; Maharajan, K.; Jayakumar, K.; Srinivasan, Kathiravan; Bashir, Ali Kashif; Ramesh, K.
2014Gamification of project management within a corporate environment : an exploratory studySammut, Ryan; Seychell, Dylan; Attard, Neville
2017The integration of an augmented reality module within the Way- Cyberparks app. : the case study of Valletta cityPierdicca, Roberto; Malinverni, Eva Savina; Khromova, Anna; Marcheggiani, Ernesto; Bonanno, Philip; Álvarez Franco, Fernando J.; Bahilo Martinez, Alfonso
2020Novel multivariate-multiscale approach for computing EEG spectral and temporal complexity for human emotion recognitionBhattacharyy, Abhijit; Tripathy, Rajesh Kumar; Garg, Lalit; Pachori, Ram Bilas
2021Using dates as contextual information for personalized cultural heritage experiencesDahroug, Ahmed; Vlachidis, Andreas; Liapis, Antonios; Bikakis, Antonis; López-Nores, Martín; Sacco, Owen; Juan Pazos-Arias, José
2014Using RFID and Wi-Fi in healthcareDingli, Alexiei; Seychell, Dylan