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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07Adult education in MaltaMayo, Peter
2015Applying the theory of simplexity in home economics education for the acquisition of transversal competencies to face complexityPace, Erika Marie; Aiello, Paola; Sibilio, Maurizio; Piscopo, Suzanne
2015Attitude and perception of doctors in Malta towards revalidationAdwal, Samer
2014-05-02Competences and the right to lifelong education : 45 theses for an alternative critical discourseMayo, Peter
1987The cosmopolitan educator : adult education serving the technology transferHarper, John
2017Creating a learning organization as an increase in the adaptability of a company's human capital to the volatility of the external environmentAliev, Ismail Magerramovich; Sigov, Viktor Ivglafievich
2013Creativity in later life : possibilities for personal empowermentFormosa, Marvin; Hansen, Anna; Kling, Sofia; Sraml Gonzalez, Jakoba
2011Critical educational gerontology : a third statement of first principlesFormosa, Marvin
2004Diluted wine in new bottles : the key messages of the EU memorandum (on lifelong learning)Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
1998Education and the elderlyFormosa, Marvin
2014The effectiveness of lifelong learning : the perspective of civil servantsDesira, Laura
2004El aprendizaje a lo largo de la vidaMayo, Peter
2015Employers’ and employees’ attitudes towards training and skill development in SMEsSultana, Daniel
2017-12Empowering the continuing professional development of general practitioner trainers in Malta through educational needs assessmentSammut, Mario R.; Abela, Gunther
2007An independent assessment of the policies of the Employment & Training CorporationBaldacchino, Godfrey
2015Investigating the effects of skills gap and skill shortages on the local manufacturing industryCaruana, Omar
2012Late-life learning in Europe : implications for social and public policyFormosa, Marvin; Phellas, Costantinos
2003Learning about the learner : deducing learner characteristics from their interaction with e-learning toolsTalbot, Ingrid
2012Lifelong learning and schools as community learning centres : key aspects of a national curriculum draft policy framework for MaltaMayo, Peter
2010Lifelong learning in later life : the Universities of the Third AgeFormosa, Marvin