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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985The actiones de novi operis and damni infecti : nature and devlopmentMizzi, John-Victor; Agius, Josette
2021An analysis of article 1390 civil codeBorg, Taddeo (2021)
2009An analysis of the proposed reform to the law of lease in the light of the current legislative frameworkCassar, Kezia
2003Aspects of construction contract documentationFenech, Joseph
2016The assignment of claims and receivables as securityDrago, Rita
2022Assignment of rights acquired under a promise of sale agreementGrixti, Kylie (2022)
2022The balance between prospective buyers and sellers in contemporary promise of sale agreements : an analysis of jurisprudenceAttard, Nicolas (2022)
2010Change of circumstances in contract lawPace, Maxilene
2016The changing legal landscape for concession contracts in light of Directive 2014/23/EUVella, Christopher Louis
2020Civil responsibility for damage caused via distributed ledger technologySeguna, Annalise (2020)
2015Company representation : a critical analysis and judicial developmentsLewis, Sarah Jane
1978A comparative study of the theory of precontractual responsibilityXuereb, George
1981The concept of indemnity in contracts of insuranceFarrugia, Anthony Ph.
2015Conditions and clauses restraining the freedom to marry : are they lawful?Mifsud, Joanna
2001The contract of Commodatum under Maltese lawBorg, Vanessa
2007Contract, quasi-contract, tort and quasi-tort at Maltese private international law : recent developmentsZammit, Robert
2003Contracts of service in football : a Maltese perspectiveGalea, Anthony
1958Contracts which negative the right of pre-emptionLia, Carmelo
2016Contractual limitation of liability and disclaimer clauses with particular emphasis on consumer contracts : a comparative study based on Maltese and European casesMuscat, Francienne
2009The contratual nature and consequences of relationships involving patients, medical practitioners and health institutionsLia, Alessandro