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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Access to justice : a real or a fictitious human right? : an analysis of civil judicial costs in MaltaRefalo, Maria
1993The adoption of the European Convention on Human Rights into municipal law : a comparative analysisCachia-Caruana, Anne-Louise
2020The aftermath of the De Paule Band Club case : has the importance of court decisions and the rule of law been undermined?Vella, Steve (2020)
2016An analysis of Article 3(3)(b) of Directive 2013/48/EU and its impact on Maltese Criminal Law of ProcedureBonett, Kaylie
2020An analysis of selected landmark human rights judgments that have had an impact on Maltese criminal lawMifsud, Luke (2020)
2016An analysis of the extent to which children are benefitting from the right to education under the European Convention on Human Rights regardless of their immigration statusGregory, Philippa
2021An analysis of the notion of public interest in private projects from a human rights perspectiveEsmail, Zackariah (2021)
2016Are there exceptions to the principle of non-refoulement?Cassar, Rebecca
2020Armed Forces of Malta rules versus human rights yardstick : how do they measure up?Ciantar, Maria Ruth (2020)
2016An assessment of the application of the right to liberty and security of the person in MaltaFilletti, Martina
2016Blocking and filtering : controlling terrorist and pornographic on-line content or censoring the internet?Cassar, Liza-Marie
2021Can the right to life be renounced? : a comparative perspective of euthanasiaScicluna, Julian (2021)
2007Cohabitation : a matter of choice or necessity? : a comparative studyVella, Amanda
2019A comparative approach on the treatment of children in the criminal justice system : the need to address the rights of ‘collateral convicts’Pace, Martina
2016A comparative legal study between assisted suicide and self-determinationBonnici, Alexia
2016A comparative study on abortion legislation in selected European countriesGrech, Luke
2019The conversion of temporary emphyteusis into permanent lease agreements in breach of fundamental human rights : an analysis of Act XXVII of 2018 in the light of recent court judgmentsCamilleri Mizzi, Janine
2008Criteria for expropriation compensation revisited : an assessment in the light of recent developmentsWeerden, Cynthia van der
2016A critical review : the composition and functioning of the PCRBMizzi, Daniella
2016The current law of letting and hiring of dwelling houses : does it strike a ‘fair balance’ between the rights of the lessor and lessee?Cassar, JeanPaul