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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Achieving effective cost reduction through the application of Japanese management accounting techniques : the extent of its local applicabilityMifsud, Melissa (2002)
2004Alternative systems for cost-effective storage and logistics of sterile solutions for Malta's state hospital.Carabott, Gaetana
2016Analysis of the relationship between costs and firm growth using the example of the Unicredit Group S.P.A.Sopta, Martina; Prsa, Marija
2021Are some animals more equal than others?Spiteri, Glen William
2003Are stop smoking services successful?: an evaluation of smoking cessation clinics in MaltaSammut, Mario R.
2010Assessing the economic impact arising from sport related investment in MaltaBonello, Mark Anthony (2010)
2017-04A benefit-cost analysis of a long-term intervention on social and emotional learning in compulsory schoolKlapp, Alli; Belfield, Clive; Bowden, Brooks; Levin, Henry; Shand, Robert; Zander, Sabine; Cooper, Paul
2000Budgeting as a management tool within the public sector in MaltaSaliba, Stephania (2000)
2012Comparative cost analysis of reinforced concrete slabsGrima, Sebastian (2012)
2002The cost effectiveness of the Maltese health sector : two case studiesInglott, Gregory (2002)
2005Cost-benefit analysis in the government transport sector : the case for MSD (Manufacturing and Services Department)Aquilina, Stephania (2005)
2002A cost-benefit analysis of using natural gas for electricity generation in MaltaMicallef, Doreen (2002)
2008Cost-benefit analysis – economic tool used to aid decision-making regarding the distribution of public fundsBuse, Lucian; Siminica, Marian; Circiumaru, Daniel
1972Cost-benefit appraisal of investment in Maltese agriculture, 1960-1969 : a retrospective studyGrima, Emanuel (1972)
2022-03Does the evaluability bias hold when giving to animal charities?Spiteri, Glen William
1972Economic feasibility of cooperatives in agriculture in MaltaRestall, J. (1972)
1973The economic feasibility of the horticultural industry in MaltaCassar, Theresa A. (1973)
1999Economic valuation of landfilling in MaltaGauci, Joseph (1999)
1971The economic viability of domestic-oriented industries in MaltaStivala, Anne R. (1971)
1978The estimation of a set of cost functions for a sample of the Maltese bakery industry : a microeconomic exerciseAttard-Montalto, Anthony (1978)