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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An analysis of the judgements of the CJEU on the free movement of capitalSpiteri Colombo, Krista (2012)
2016Appraisal of the case law of European Court of Justice on derogations relating to application of the Birds Directive : Court of Justice case law on the Birds Directive : a critical assessmentSciberras, Glorianne
1995Aspects of the principle of free movement of goods in the European Union and any possible implications for MaltaBerry, Brian
2021Bulk collection of communications data and the test of strict necessity and proportionality in the judgements of the CJEU   Tabone, Tilden (2021)
2019A critical analysis of the interpretation given to the notion of civil and commercial matters by the Court of Justice of the European Union, appertaining the European Union private international law regulationsDarmanin, Claudia
2013The EU public procurement regime and its transposition in Maltese law : a critical analysis in the light of current developmentSapiano, Gerd
2014Free movement of capital and golden shares in Volkswagen : unexpected twist or foreseeable outcome?Agranovska, Jelena
2020The impact on motor insurance in Malta of the proposed changes to the motor insurance directive relating to the definition of ‘use of a vehicle’ : an analysisSatchell, Edith
2021An in-depth analysis of Article 7 of the Treaty of the European Union and its limitationsDarmanin, Julia (2021)
2019The influence of CJEU and ECTHR case law on the right to asylumLia, Therese
2011Internet gambling and the right to provide services under EU lawJakovlev, Pavel (2011)
2013Italian golden shares - a never-ending story?Agranovska, Jelena
2022Journalism and data privacy : a comparative analysis of CJEU and ECtHR jurisprudenceZammit, Matthew Charles (2022)
2015Jurisdiction and the Brussels I recast regulation : a missed opportunity?Muscat, Michael
2016Malta’s national lottery monopoly : Is it consistent with European Union law and CJEU case-law? : a comparative studyPolidano, Francesca Marie
2021The new wave of the CJEU's copyright decisions : an analysis of its ripple effect on member statesPellicano, Camille (2021)
2004The preliminary reference procedure in EU, Maltese and UK lawCamilleri, Adrian
2016Private enforcement of EU competition law : the way forwardAttard, Nicole
2020Regulation 5 of the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive : a mirror image of several years of CJEU case law on exit taxation?Gatt Floridia, Andrea (2020)
2006Remote gaming : Maltese legislation in light of recent European and international developmentsGonzi, Paul