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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Admissibility of illegally obtained evidenceMuscat, Roberta
1986An analysis of some of the principal traffic offences in Maltese and foreign law.Bondin, Franco
2005A comparative study of the recent developments in the Institute of Bail following the 2002 amendments to the Criminal CodeTomasuolo, Cynthia
1961The crime of infanticide in comparative lawRefalo, Michael A.
1958Crimes against the religious sentimentHerrera, Joseph A.
1964Defilement of minors : a comparative studyCortis, E. W.
2001The definition and prosecution of sexual offences under the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court.Agius, Adrienne
2005Domestic violence and the use of arms : civil and criminal law aspectsXuereb, Daniela Maria
2017Economic crime and problem of complicity understandingPetrasheva, Natalya Valeryevna; Ulezko, Sergey Ivanovich; Yakovlev, Alexander Vladislavovich; Klochkova, Alexandra Leonidovna
1984External studies with the University of LondonGħaqda Studenti tal-Liġi
1958Historical and sociological aspects of capital punishmentBorg Olivier De Puget, Albert
1958Historical background and other aspects relating to the crime of false pretences (truffa)Heywood, Paul
2010The "In Genere" : is it an effective tool for the investigation and prosecution of crime?Agius, Angèle
2004In the prospect of an international criminal court lies the promise of universal justice : perspectives from the Holy SeeBusuttil, Carmel (2004)
2005Indirect responsibility and the international criminal courtBorg, Bertrand (2005)
2007Institutions and recent instruments in place to combat cross-border crime within the EURizzo, Elaine (2007)
n.d.International criminal offences : a detailed studyZammit, Marcel
1979The law of criminal libel : a comparative studyBorg Cardona, Andrew
1983The laws regulating the non-medical use of drugsManduca, Philip
1993The legal control of drug trafficking : a comparative studyCuschieri, Leslie