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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Air pollution and its effects on cultural property : a Mediterranean exampleCassar JoAnn
2020Amnesia by design : building and rebuilding in a Mediterranean small island-stateGrima, Reuben
2010Archaeological approaches to the cultural construction of islandsDawson, Helen; Grima, Reuben; Pluskoswki, Aleks; Seetah, Krish
2004Archaeological research and the publicGrima, Reuben
2005Architectural heritage in international law : a Maltese perspectiveSciberras, John (2005)
2002-04-14Arts and entertainment : the tourism perspectiveEbejer, John
2013Awareness and statutory protection of industrial heritage in MaltaMagro Conti, Joseph
2013Capturing the industrial tangible… and the technological intangibleHerrera, Jose A.
2021-10Cast in concreteJones, Becky Catrin
2010Challenges and opportunities in marketing cultural heritage sites to visitors with relevance to the Maltese marketRonald, Susan (2010)
2019Commodification of cultural heritage : the cross-cultural influence of tourists in the Maltese IslandsPencz, Timea
2013Concluding addressFarrugia, Louis A.
2013Concluding remarksTorpiano, Alex
2017Conservation of heritage through filmBorg, Michaela (2017)
2013Contribute, preserve, maintain and make better known Malta’s heritageGera, Bryan A.
2023The contribution of grant schemes towards the public understanding of cultural heritage in the Maltese contextZerafa, Charmaine (2023)
1981-02-03Convention concernent la protection du patrimoine mondial, culturel et naturel : Hypogée de Hal Saflieni, Paola (Malte)UNESCO
2023Correlations for limestone properties used in cultural heritage monuments in MaltaBianco, Lino
2008The cultural Heritage Act : an evaluationCoppini, Stephanie Jean
2021Culture, heritage and tourism in small island states – some reflections on current realitiesCassar, George