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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of a closed wash system developed for processing living donor femoral headsEagle, M. J.; Man, J.; Rooney, P.; McQuillan, T. A.; Galea, George; Kearney, J. N.
2016Blood, genes & youWilcockson, Scott; Borg, Joseph J.
2012Breaking the silence : the interplay between transcription factors and DNA methylationBaron, Byron
2014DNA barcoding for species assignment : the case of Mediterranean marine fishesLandi, Monica; Dimech, Mark; Arculeo, Marco; Biondo, Girolama; Martins, Rogelia; Carneiro, Miguel; Carvalho, Gary Robert; Brutto, Sabrina Lo; Costa, Filipe O.
2003DNA sampling : rights and duties.Calleja, Etienne
2011DNA, celloli staminali u kura b’mod naturaliBlundell, Renald
2012The effect of modifier genes on foetal Haemoglobin in the Maltese populationScerri, Gary
2010-12Epigenetics and its medical repercussionsGrech, Alfred; Baldacchino, Sandra; Tufignio, Marcel
2017Ethics, science and technology : genome editing : hope for our future or what?Debono, Mark J.
2017Exploring perceptions and attitudes towards biobanking at the University of MaltaLaurenti, Francesca
1979Hb P-Nilotic in association with βo-thalassemia : cis-mutation of a hemoglobin βa chain regulatory determinant?Abu-sin, Ahmed; Felice, Alex; Gravely, M. E.; Wilson, J. B.; Reese, A. L.; Lam, H.; Miller, A.; Huisman, T. H. J.
2016HeartbreakersBezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Wilcockson, Scott
2010High resolution mapping of a DNA locus genetically linked to febrile seizuresFarrugia, Claudia-Ann
2020How DNA can improve biodiversity knowledge and conservationVella, Noel
2013Kura b'mod naturaliBlundell, Renald
2008Linkage analysis in a familial case of idiopathic epilepsy and its implications in drug developmentCassar, Maria Louisa
2018A MapReduce approach to genome alignmentPullicino, Karl
2009Molecular cytogenetics in the diagnosis of mental retardation in MaltaSaid, Edith
2011Novel interactions of the GABPα transcription factor complexBaron, Byron
2008The role of cell cycle regulation in cancerXuereb, J.; Blundell, Renald