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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Automatic sentence compression system (ASCS)Galea, Matthew (2008)
2015Challenges of indexing multi-dimensional persistent dataZahra, Rebecca (2015)
2014Comic strips for electrical and electronic engineering - a novel genrePulé, Sarah
2012Constructing lightweight ontologies from a conversational agentBartolo, Peter Andrew (2012)
2013COSFIRE : a trainable features approach to pattern recognitionAzzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
1987A cross-assembler for a 68000 based system on the BBC microPace, Arthur (1987)
2013Crowdsourcing motivation in real-time through social mediaCurmi, Franco; Whittle, Jon; Ferrario, Maria Angela
2015Data processing : challenges and toolsBonello, Joseph; Cachia, Ernest
2008-09The development of a geographic information system for traffic route planning using location based servicesPulis, Matthew
2011Empowering voluntary youth organisations with a strategic and usable BL-enabled platformOrlando, Christianne (2011)
2018Enhancing virtual machine introspection-based memory analysis with event triggersMuscat, Matthew; Vella, Mark Joseph
2008Exploring the shortest route options : applying environmental indicators to calculating shortest routePulis, Matthew; Attard, Maria
2017Light field compression with homography-based low-rank approximationJiang, Xiaoran; Le Pendu, Mikaël; Farrugia, Reuben A.; Guillemot, Christine
2019Multi-dimensional indexes in DBMSsMercieca, Thomas; Vella, Joseph G.
2020Multipartite entanglement transfer in spin chainsApollaro, Tony John George; Sanavio, Claudio; Chetcuti, Wayne Jordan; Lorenzo, Salvatore
2013Native accent classification via i-vectors and speaker compensation fusionDeMarco, Andrea; Cox, Stephen J.
2015A novel graph decomposition approach to the automatic processing of poorly formalized data : innovative ideas : a management case studyPatrikeeva, N. V.; Babeshko, V. N.; Kamenev, E. A.; Podolskiy, V. E.
2017OntoQAV : a pipeline for visualising ontology qualityMc Gurk, Silvio; Debattista, Jeremy; Abela, Charlie
2021Scaling protein motif discovery using tries in ‘Apache Spark’Briffa, Ethan Joseph (2021)
2015Sharing the quantified self as an economic transaction : social capital pro spectator supportCurmi, Franco; Ferrario, Maria Angela; Whittle, Jon