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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Beyond deathRodgers, There (1993)
2014Dalla retorica alla realta : perche si domanda una more assistita?Zammit, Raymond
2020-09-30Death in Fortnite : Fortnite’s theological representation of death and its perceived effect on youths in MaltaPulis, Matthew
1977Death in Heidegger's 'Being and time'Scerri, Loredana (1977)
2009Death in Qoheleth : a contemporary readingFarrugia, Jonathan (2009)
2002The death of God and the death of manVella, Louise (2002)
2012The effectiveness of meaning-making interventions on clients living with advanced cancerBowman, Sarah
2012Estimating the potential of tissue donation in ScotlandGalea, George
2004Ethopoiesis : the care of the written selfMercieca, Caldon (2004)
2006Euthanasia and assistance to the dyingAzzopardi, Nazarene (2006)
2020The fear of death : between Plato and HeideggerCasha, Brenda (2020)
1912-10-29Il-Habib. No. 38Muscat Azzopardi, Ġużè
2015-03A man, burning : communicative suffering and the ethics of imagesStamenkovic, Marko
1984The mystery of death in the philosophical works of Gabriel MarcelGatt, Joseph (1984)
2011Nursing students' anxiety and attitudes towards caring for the dying : a correlational study.Scalpello Hammett, Fiona J.
2011Peter singer's moral reasoning as advocacy of the culture of deathCutajar, Godfrey (2011)
2017[Review of the book Death and social policy in challenging times, by L. Foster & K. Woodthorpe]Formosa, Marvin
2017Tal-widna : programs 1-17Ghaqda tal-Malti, University of Malta
2013Testment : programs 1-17Azzopardi, Andrew