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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An analytical study of the democratic deficit of the EUCassar, Lavinia (2007)
2012The Arab Spring : digitial youth and the challenge of workHerrera, Linda; Mayo, Peter
2007Blind vote : representing the under-represented (and questioning the merit of the hallowed status of the hazy construct called democracy)Zammit, Malcolm (2007)
2018-11Book review : Democracy in small states : persisting against all oddsThorhallsson, Baldur; Rodrigues Sanches, Edalina; Baldacchino, Godfrey
2019Book review: Democracy in small states - persisting against all odds by Jack Corbett and Wouter VeenendaalMoncada, Stefano
1994[Book Review] Empowering education : critical teaching for social changeMayo, Peter
2004Creating a democratic judicial system in developing countriesAl-Dajani, Ashraf Muhsen (2004)
2007Curriculum as a political textPinar, William; Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2020Democracy : from theory to dictatorial dyspraxia to anarchist eupraxiaVella, Mary Grace
2004Democracy and gender equality : a brief surveyMallia, Natalino (2004)
2006Democracy and minority rights : the European experiencePollacco, Christopher
2007Democracy and the democratic deficit in the EU and US political systems : issues and remediesBorg, Joseph (2007)
2007Democracy in small island statesRefalo, George (2007)
2001Democracy in the ChurchPolidano, David (2001)
2018Democratic governance in the digital ageThake, Anne Marie; Micallef, Robert; Pirotta, Godfrey; Vassallo, Mario Thomas
2007Democratic reforms in Morocco : success or failure?Vella, Victoria (2007)
2017Democratic structures : supranational and internationalPollacco, Christopher
2012Direct democracy : a discussion on the referenda issues in MaltaMula, Johan (2012)
2015Direct democracy in the EU : the European citizens' initiativeRizzo Naudi, Andrew (2015)
2022Editorial introduction : postcolonial perspectives on citizenship education debates in EuropeHaapala, Taru; Brown, Maria; Raycheva, Lilia