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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The advantages and disadvantages of different electoral systems : a comparative approachVella, Luke (2022)
2022Al promover los valores ‘europeos’ es fundamental reconocer los crímenes colonialesKhakee, Anna
2007An analytical study of the democratic deficit of the EUCassar, Lavinia (2007)
2012The Arab Spring : digitial youth and the challenge of workHerrera, Linda; Mayo, Peter
2024Being well in an unwell worldSlee, Roger
2023Beyond labels : rethinking identity politics, equity, and democracyAlden, Timothy; Briguglio, Michael
2007Blind vote : representing the under-represented (and questioning the merit of the hallowed status of the hazy construct called democracy)Zammit, Malcolm (2007)
2018-11Book review : Democracy in small states : persisting against all oddsThorhallsson, Baldur; Rodrigues Sanches, Edalina; Baldacchino, Godfrey
2019Book review: Democracy in small states - persisting against all odds by Jack Corbett and Wouter VeenendaalMoncada, Stefano
1994[Book Review] Empowering education : critical teaching for social changeMayo, Peter
2004Creating a democratic judicial system in developing countriesAl-Dajani, Ashraf Muhsen (2004)
2007Curriculum as a political textPinar, William; Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2020Democracy : from theory to dictatorial dyspraxia to anarchist eupraxiaVella, Mary Grace
2004Democracy and gender equality : a brief surveyMallia, Natalino (2004)
2006Democracy and minority rights : the European experiencePollacco, Christopher
2007Democracy and the democratic deficit in the EU and US political systems : issues and remediesBorg, Joseph (2007)
2007Democracy in small island statesRefalo, George (2007)
2001Democracy in the ChurchPolidano, David (2001)
2018Democratic governance in the digital ageThake, Anne Marie; Micallef, Robert; Pirotta, Godfrey; Vassallo, Mario Thomas
2007Democratic reforms in Morocco : success or failure?Vella, Victoria (2007)