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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001ACE gene polymorphism as a prognostic indicator in patients with type 2 diabetes and established renal diseaseFava, Stephen; Azzopardi, Joseph; Ellard, Sian; Hattersley, Andrew T.
2001Adult height and proteinuria in type 2 diabetesFava, Stephen; Azzopardi, Joseph; Watkins, Peter J.; Hattersley, Andrew T.
2019Beyond the diabetes epidemic – a public health challengeCuschieri, Sarah; Mamo, Julian
2016Bone mineral density and intervertebral disc height in type 2 diabetesAgius, Rachel; Galea, Raymond; Fava, Stephen
2019A case of severe relapsing sulphonylurea-induced hypoglycaemiaMifsud, Simon; Schembri, Emma Louise; Fava, Stephen
2020The diabetes epidemic in MaltaCuschieri, Sarah
2015Diabetes type 2 prevalence in Malta : an update and moreCuschieri, Sarah; Mamo, Julian
2006Familial factors in diabetic nephropathy : an offspring studyAgius, E.; Attard, G.; Shakespeare, Lynette; Clark, Penelope M. S.; Vidya, M. A.; Hattersley, Andrew T.; Fava, Stephen
2000Increased prevalence of proteinuria in diabetic sibs of proteinuric type 2 diabetic subjectsFava, Stephen; Azzopardi, Joseph; Hattersley, Andrew T.; Watkins, Peter J.
2010Long‐term survival after acute myocardial infarction and relation to type 2 diabetes and other risk factorsGruppetta, Mark; Calleja, Neville; Fava, Stephen
2014Non-dipping heart rate and microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetes mellitusMagri, Caroline Jane; Xuereb, Robert G.; Fava, Stephen
2016The nutritional habits of patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Malta : have they changed since the 1980s?Caruana, Ruth; Patterson, Michael
2016Prediction of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitus using routinely available clinical parametersMagri, Caroline Jane; Fava, Stephen; Galea, Joseph
2011Predictors of vibration perception threshold in type 2 diabetic patients with proliferative retinopathyMagri, Caroline Jane; Buhagiar, Gerald; Fava, Stephen; Vassallo, Josanne; Calleja, Neville
2005Reported parental age of death in type 2 diabetic patients with and without established diabetic nephropathyFava, Stephen; Hattersley, Andrew T.