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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An asynchronous method for cloud-based renderingBugeja, Keith; Debattista, Kurt; Spina, Sandro
2021-04A choreographed outline instrumentation approach for asynchronous componentsAceto, Luca; Attard, Duncan Paul; Francalanza, Adrian; Ingólfsdóttir, Anna
2010Distributed protocols as behaviours in ErlangDemicoli, Darren; Francalanza, Adrian
2011ELARVA : a monitoring tool for ErlangColombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian; Gatt, Rudolph
2007A fault tolerance bisimulation proof for consensusFrancalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2012-11Formal fault-tolerance proofs for distributed algorithmsZammit, Mandy; Francalanza, Adrian
2014Formal proofs for broadcast algorithmsZammit, Mandy; Francalanza, Adrian
2013Inductive basic correctness reasoning in formal fault-tolerance proofs for distributed algorithmsZammit, Mandy (2013)
2011Mapping channel-based message passing to mailbox message passing in ErlangColombo, Joseph (2011)
2012Monitoring as an instance of behaviour in ErlangSpiteri, Elise Ann (2012)
2016Organising LTL monitors over distributed systems with a global clockColombo, Christian; Falcone, Yliès
2011Permission-based separation logic for message-passing concurrencyFrancalanza, Adrian; Rathke, Julian; Sassone, Vladimiro
2007Proving distributed algorithm correctness using fault tolerance bisimulationsFrancalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2012Synchronous and asynchronous monitoring in ElarvaCalleja, Justin (2012)
2013Towards an abstraction for remote evaluation in ErlangFrancalanza, Adrian; Zerafa, Tyron