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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Achieving a better understanding of why students choose to pursue further education : factors that influence students’ choiceCaruana, Martina
2016Breaking the cycle : a phenomenological approach to broadening access to post-secondary educationCefai, Carmel; Downes, Paul; Cavioni, Valeria
2015Europe 2020 and early school leavers in MaltaBaldacchino, Alessandra (2015)
2016The experiences behind early school leavingCamilleri, Marisabelle
2015Foreign language proficiency & certification amongst youths in Malta – from compulsory schooling to courses for specific purposesPace, Mario
2020Inclusive education and early school leaving in Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Romania and Turkey comparative studyOzden Bademci, H.; Sakmar-Balkan, Elcin; Figen Karadayi, E.; Cefai, Carmel; Alkan, Ceren; Warfa, Nasir
2012Mapping social inequality : the spatial distribution of early school leavers in MaltaGatt, Jacqueline
2012'No more education please' : a review of students' decision to discontinue learning beyond compulsory schoolingBugeja, Stephanie; Cauchi, Vanessa
2013Opening the doors : early school leavers and their perceived lived experience in the Maltese educational systemMifsud, Giulia
2016The perception of Form 5 students and teachers of factors which lead to the completion of compulsory schoolingSchembri, Daniela
2018-12School as experienced by early school leaversCamilleri, Marisabelle; De Giovanni, Katya
2013Social and educational trajectories for adoloscent mothers : post-birth educational pathsFarrugia, Doreen (2013); Fenech, Denise
2016Systematic failure, persistence and success : a tale of early school leaversCamilleri, Cassi; Borg, Carmel
2016Weak English language literacy and early school leaving in a Maltese contextMartinelli, Victor
2014What are the main factors that contribute to early school leaving in Malta?Spiteri, Jessica
2017What factors do school social workers identify as addressing school absenteeism, drop-outs / early school leaving?Camilleri, Josef