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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Ability and achievement profiles of adolescent learners with dyslexiaSchembri, Marika (2006)
2006Ability and achievement profiles of the pre-adolescent learners with dyslexiaGenovese, Erika (2006)
2009Adult dyslexia perceptions in the workplaceCuschieri, Enrique (2009)
2001An analysis of Maltese literacy skills of year 2 childrenGauci, Fiona Lynne (2001)
2013A 'bright' side for dyslexia? : an investigation of visuospatial abilities and creativity skills in dyslexic and non-dyslexic Maltese male students : a quasi-experimental studySchembri, Josef (2013)
2000The challenges faced by children with specific learning difficulties in the ordinary classroomBugeja, Anna; Farrugia, Shirley-Ann Farrugia
2020Classroom learning : perceptions of University students with a profile of dyslexiaVassallo, Maria (2020)
2018Common beliefs and research evidence about dyslexic students’ specific skills : is it time to reassess some of the evidence?Martinelli, Victor; Camilleri, Doriella; Fenech, Deidre
2016Creative giftedness and dyslexiaMartinelli, Victor; Camilleri, Doriella
2013Do I know enough? : primary teachers’ perceptions on their knowledge of dyslexiaAbela, Daniela (2013)
2015Dyslexia and creativity in Maltese male adolescentsMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
1996Dyslexia and mathematical achievementDesira, Karen; Muscat, Lorraine
2005Dyslexia and physical educationBajada, Robert; Gerada, Mark
2015Dyslexia and visuospatial ability in Maltese male adolescentsMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
2018Dyslexia awareness amongst University of Malta studentsAgius, Lyanne
2014Dyslexia, spatial awareness and creativity in adolescent boysMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
2006Dyslexic and non-dyslexic learners' performance on the Phonological Assessment Battery (PhAB) : a comparative studyCutajar, Samuel M. (2006)
2008The experiences of males with dyslexia after compulsory educationFrancica, Chiara (2008)
1999How IT can help children with dyslexia in the primary schoolMicallef, Amanda (1999); Saliba, Annabelle (1999)
2003The impact of specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia) on children's personal and social developmentMizzi, Annabelle (2003); Purkiss, Jennifer (2003)