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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The classroom outside school : the retrospective experience of students with dyslexia and extra-curricular activitiesGalea, Sarah
2007Coping with the Junior Lyceum examinations : an experience of three students with dyslexiaCardona, Josette (2007)
1998Creative Abilities in Dyslexic ChildrenCauchi, Angele (1998)
2016D pebble in my shoe : teenagers’ experiences of dyslexia and examinationsChetcuti, Deborah A.; Falzon, Ruth; Camilleri, Stephen
2010Dyslexia and the school counsellor : a Maltese case studyFalzon, Ruth; Camilleri, Stephen
2007Dyslexia awareness among carers working with children aged four to eighteen years within Maltese residential homesWhite, Christina (2007)
2013I knew I could do it : the secondary school experience of students with dyslexiaTonna, Ann Marie
2022Linguistic profiles of students diagnosed with SpLD : an investigation of Maltese and English essay writing in national examinationsMazzacano D'Amato, Edward (2022)
2019The lived experience of parents who have children with a profile of dyslexiaCassar, Karin
2006A multiple-case study comparing the experiences of four students with dyslexia with and without adequate supportXuereb, Vania (2006)
2019‘The Pebble in my shoe’ : dyslexic students and their views of examinationsChetcuti, Deborah A.; Falzon, Ruth; Camilleri, Stephen
2001Phonemic awareness levels of clinically identified dyslexic learnersSpiteri, Janice (2001)
2002Reading habits of the dyslexic childDebono, Elaine (2002)
2000The SpLD child and Italian as a foreign languageCardona, Kevin
2015Structured multisensory techniques in reading and learning patterns : some considerationsFalzon, Ruth; Calleja, Colin
2010Teaching strategies for children with dyslexia in the classroomFalzon, Ruth
2019“They labeled me ignorant” : narratives of Maltese youth with dyslexia on national examinationsCamilleri, Stephen; Chetcuti, Deborah A.; Falzon, Ruth